Victoria Beckham Wore The Most Unexpected Manicure, But It Really Works

Who would’ve thought?

Victoria Beckham selfie

Pop stars fade from relevance at an alarming rate, but no one was ever worried about Victoria Beckham’s ability to stay in the spotlight. A cultural staple since the ‘90s, she managed to segue her singing career into one of the most respected fashion lines of the past several decades, seamlessly transitioning her entertaining spirit and eye for aesthetics into her next phase of life. Part of her appeal is a willingness to try new things, like the long, sharp stiletto nails Beckham oh so casually showed off as she paged through the morning papers just days before her 50th birthday. Though usually one for a more low-key, demure manicure — in both shape and color — the beauty experiment just shows how game the fun-loving Beckham is.

In typical Posh fashion, the designer showed off the elongated pink nails in the cheekiest way. In a photos shared to Instagram, she sat perched on a chaise in her living room with a cup of tea — pink out, of course — and a newspaper printed with a full-page ad for her Victoria Beckham Beauty line, the candy-colored manicure is on full display. “Don’t mind me, just business as usual for breakfast!” she captioned the post.


Though Beckham is no stranger to nail extensions and tips, typically gravitating toward a soft, rounded almond, these are far longer and pointer than her usual fare. The pink is also several degrees brighter than her go-to nude-adjacent shade, making the entire look feel like a fun shakeup for spring. Considering she’s been demonstrating increasingly bold and colorful makeup tutorials on her Instagram and TikTok, it seems like Beckham is more risk tolerant than ever.

Though many of Beckham’s fellow A-listers are getting into a groove with natural, simpler nails lately, it has to be said — longer, dramatic manicures will never go out of style, and they’re still so popular. That said, square-shaped extensions have been especially relevant lately, making Posh’s stiletto look feel all the fresher.

As the star celebrates her 50th birthday on April 16, her newly-acquired mani style is more evidence that there’s always time to play, experiment, and explore — you might just discover your new all-time favorite.