When She’s Not On Screen, Sydney Sweeney Is A Nail Art Aficionado

You’ll want to recreate all of them.

Sydney Sweeney mirror selfie in robe

Few things feel as immediately invigorating as a new manicure. Really, it’s only rivaled by a message from the one person you want a text from, a fresh set of highlights, or a notification that your direct deposit just hit. And based on that bulletproof principle, Sydney Sweeney is having the best month ever — just take a look at her latest manicure montage for proof. Featuring more exciting designs and patterns than many experiment with over an entire year, Sydney Sweeney’s nail art montage, which she posted to Snapchat’s Spotlight feature, shows off five distinct designs all worthy of their own articles. Of course, it comes on the back of what would already be a massive month for Sweeney. In the wake of Euphoria’s triumphant second season, Sweeney’s already cemented her It-girl status with a flurry of iconic appearances: a jaw-dropping Old Hollywood moment at the show’s premiere, a Gossip Girl-reminiscent shoot with Hermès in New York, and a sweet gingham-accented talkshow look that might just have been inspired by her own fan-favorite Euphoria character.

As for her relatively minimalist yet striking manicures, they’re the work of Sweeney’s go-to nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt. Along with the White Lotus star, Ganzorigt is known for her unique designs beloved by clients like Hailey Bieber, Vanessa Hudgens, and Liza Koshy.

Among the incredible designs are a heart-speckled manicure perfect for Valentine’s Day, a gold-and-black optical illusion, an ultra-glossy oxblood polish, and a truly glorious ombré French manicure absolutely covered in artfully-arranged rhinestones. Only proving that art does indeed imitate life, Sweeny’s own nail art — especially the bejeweled design — doesn’t look dissimilar to styles her Euphoria character has worn throughout the series.

Snapchat and TikTok are increasingly becoming the platforms du jour for showing off intricate nail designs thanks in large part to how conducive they are to stitching together montages. As nail art increases in popularity and accessibility, young creatives are always looking for a place to showcase their work and aesthetic obsessions.

And as Sweeney’s profile gets even bigger, expect to see plenty more beauty and fashion experimentation from the 24-year-old actor. Already, top brands like Hermès and YSL are clamoring to collaborate with Sweeney, and even her most casual paparazzi photos look more and more like editorial spreads with every passing day.