Sydney Sweeney’s Raven-Black Hair Is Wonderfully Witchy

Who would’ve thought?

Sydney Sweeney long bangs

Sydney Sweeney has spent the last few years of her career proving she can handle any sort of role, regardless of how “against type” it might seem. She’s done the consummate wedding setting rom-com, of course, but just look at her work as an NSA whistleblower in Reality, or her gory turn as a young nun in 2024’s Immaculate — or even her part in the campy, so-bad-it’s-good superhero movie Madame Web. But her experimental streak extends far beyond just her acting projects. In a new cover photoshoot and interview with Who What Wear, Sweeney’s black hair, one of several extreme, exciting hair colors she wears in the pictorial. It’s the star as fans have never seen her before, and it just emphasizes her wildly adaptive abilities.

In fact, the entire shoot and interview are centered around Sweeney’s uncanny skill for fully immersing herself into new characters. In some frames, she has long, leg-skimming black hair that can only be described as otherworldly, especially considering it’s paired with ‘20s-esque pencil-thin eyebrows and long, spidery lashes. In other photos, she wears big, teased platinum hair, and a bold cherry-colored wig complete with retro curled-under bangs and a smattering of pearly face gems reminiscent of her Euphoria days’ signature look.

The most shocking part of the entire shoot is just how well each extreme hair color seems to suit Sweeney. The moody, glossy black looks nearly as natural as her day-to-day blonde, just further emphasizing her metamorphic prowess. While she hasn’t gone for a deep, dark brunette in real life (yet), the shots of her in the red wig do hit closer to home. Back in spring 2022, Sweeney debuted a sunny copper hair color that inspired a wave of copycats. Then, for fall 2023, she went for a captivating nutmeg brown that looked just as alluring before toggling back to her trademark shade of bright, buttery blonde.

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Now that Sweeney’s at the helm of her own production company, nothing can stop her from taking on even more notably transformative roles. Based on her WWW photoshoot alone, she can clearly handle anything.