Sydney Sweeney Closed Out Fashion Month With A Total Hair Transformation

Going out in style.

Sydney Sweeney red dress

Sydney Sweeney, master of the stealthy aesthetic shakeup. Coming off a hot streak of sultry, retro-referencing outfits and hairstyles on Saturday Night Live and her Madame Web press tour, the star decided to help end Paris Fashion Week — and Fashion Month in general — with a bang. Or a bob, rather. That’s right, Sweeney pulled the hair transformation of the year when she popped up at the Miu Miu runway show on March 5 with a short, shoulder-skimming cut that completely adjusts her entire look. Sweeney’s bob could be the real deal or it could be a fun, temporary way to get outside her beauty comfort zone. Either way, she sure knows how to work the front row in style.

The look is a complete 180 from the long, sleek blowouts Sweeney’s been wearing through the past several months, often given a vintage twist with rolled-under curls or a dramatic side-pat. At Miu Miu, she looked every bit the consummate cool girl with a rough-dried texture, piece-y ends, and a slight face frame that helps accentuate her bone structure. Here’s the thing, though — the volume and the light, airy ends suggest that she might be pulling an optical illusion with the style. Be it a wig, a tucked-under trick, or simply the removal of long extensions, there are plenty of ways to simulate a bob without the full-send commitment.

Marc Piasecki/WireImage/Getty Images
Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Naturally, Sweeney tapped longtime hairstylist and good friend Glen Oropeza for the look, but he’s keeping mum about what actually went down that day in Paris. Over in his Instagram comments, fans are begging to know if she went for the real chop or not — to which Oropeza gave a funny, cheeky “perhappsss 🤔😎.” He did share, however, that the look was created using Kérastase products, of which Sweeney is the new face — er, hair.

Regardless of if Sweeney took the plunge or she’s just having fun experimenting for one of the biggest fashion-centric days of the year, one thing’s for sure — she looks incredible. With the Oscars right around the corner, we’ll likely know the truth in just a few days.