January Jones, Hilary Duff, & Tia Mowry Are On Board With This Unexpected Stair Trend

It’s everywhere.

January Jones / Instagram

It’s highly possible you’ve never considered doing anything to the stairs in your house, short of giving them a good clean. What you may not realize, though, is that there are actually quite a few ways to give them a serious revamp, many of which don’t require much effort at all. Some of those are currently gaining serious traction in the design world — including the stair runner trend, which is not only popular with decor lovers in general, but is also taking celebrity homes by storm.

You may be thinking that the stair runner — aka a piece of carpet or a rug that is installed over the stairs but doesn’t cover the entire width — is nothing new. And yes, you would be right. That said, it’s taken on an obvious increase in demand as of late. Along with that, those adding it to their homes are giving the old (and typically boring) piece a new look. Instead of the basic, plain carpets of the past, people are now opting for a mix of vintage rugs, bright patterns, unique shapes, and even cool hardware.

The stars are clearly on board with trend, because they’re following suit in droves. And it’s easy to see why: Not only are runners a great solution for cold, noisy stairs, but they’re also a relatively simple way to upgrade an uninspiring spot in your home.

To see exactly how they’re including the piece in their spaces, continue scrolling. The best celebrity stair runners we’ve found are ahead.

Jessica Simpson’s Geometric Stair Runner

Jessica Simpson leaned into a modern look with her stairs. To go with the sleek black rods and dark wood, she added a cream and black geometric runner, which both softens the entire look and adds some much-needed contrast and interest.

Hilary Duff’s Vintage Rug Runner

Hilary Duff’s entire house is painfully cool, so it’s not surprising that her staircase follows suit. Like many trendy people these days, the actor chose to mix multiple vintage rugs together on her steps, adding an eclectic, vintage vibe to the otherwise traditional-looking space.

January Jones’ Striped Stair Runner

While it’s certainly an option, you don’t always have to make a huge statement with your stair runner. Instead, you could choose a more minimal pattern and subdued colors, like January Jones’ striped navy and cream rug. It provides the spot with a coziness and a little extra excitement, without going overboard. (Pro tip: If you like this look, you could also paint on contrasting lines to give a similar effect with less money and effort.)

Kate Hudson’s Stair Runner With Rods

Though Kate Hudson’s stair runner is pretty traditional, it’s not without some added fun. The tan rug not only contrasts with her all-white steps, but she also added runner rods in an elegant brass, which add a touch of shine and a more intentional, luxurious look.

Tia Mowry’s Rustic Neutral Stair Runner

Like Duff, Tia Mowry opted for a vintage runner on her steps. That said, she took it in a slightly different direction. Rather than mixing various patterns together, Mowry chose to include one long piece. With its beautiful wear and neutral hues, it adds a rustic vibe without creating a major statement.