An Easy DIY To Transform Your Stairs, Courtesy Of Tracee Ellis Ross

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Tracee Ellis Ross / Instagram
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Like any other part of your home, stairs deserve attention. Yes, they may seem like a purely functional aspect of your floor, meant only to get you from one level to another — but in reality, they’re actually just as important as everything else in terms of aesthetics, and worthy of being treated as such. And there are actually quite a few ways to ensure that: You can add a cool vintage runner, or even just keep them gleaming. But if you’d like to go above and beyond, it’s not a bad idea to take notes from Tracee Ellis Ross’ painted stairs, which bring the concept of a beautiful staircase to a whole new, well, level.

The Pattern Beauty founder showed off the feature while providing a preview of what she dubbed her “press day ‘fit” in a May 11 post on Instagram. In it, you can see a set of tiled terracotta stairs that, like the rest of her house, are somewhat unexpected and effortlessly cool. It’s the risers, though, that are the true highlight of this spot; in complement to the stairs, they’re covered in what appears to be painted tile in similar sunset tones with a dark blue vine motif woven throughout.

The look is rustic, fun, and much more colorful than your average set, which probably explains why the practice of adding interest to stairs has become such a popular one in recent years. It’s not just paint and tiles that people are using, though. DIYers and designers have stretched the bounds of creativity with materials like adhesive vinyl, vintage rugs, and even copper, turning what usually starts out as a simple wooden feature into something akin to a work of art.

Plus, for the most part, it’s easy — especially if you do stick to paint or something adhesive. In fact, it’s likely an average one-flight staircase would only take you a couple of hours to tackle (depending on what medium you’re using) meaning you could completely overhaul one of your house’s most prominent features in less than a day. It’s a DIY worth your time, indeed — so start planning your Ross-inspired transformation with some of the materials, ahead.

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