Simone Ashley's Botticelli Bob Is How Fashion Girls Do Beach Waves

Effortless & elegant.

Simone Ashley makeup long waves

If you gravitate toward everyday elegance and effortless sophistication, there’s perhaps no better star to model your aesthetic after than Simone Ashley. She’s practically “That Girl” — TikTok’s favorite shorthand for a young woman with her life together — personified. Her clothes trend toward expensive-looking neutrals with daring flourishes, her makeup is always a radiant soft glam, and her glossy black curls complement every style — even Simone Ashley’s long Botticelli bob. So named for the legendary Renaissance painter’s depictions of angelic ringlets and languid waves, the Botticelli bob is all about the lush curls Ashley naturally has in spades. While her hair is a bit longer than what’s typically required of a classic bob (as the name suggests, they usually clear the shoulders), Ashley’s clavicle-skimming ends qualify as at least a lob — the bob’s 1-3-inch longer cousin.

Ashley’s Botticelli lob has made a few appearances this year, but her look at the Jacquemus show on June 27 in France might be the ultimate in carefree (yet undeniably put-together) summer beauty. With her rich, textured waves tossed sultrily over a left part and a soft smoky eye, the Bridgerton star’s understated glamour couldn’t be more perfect for a sunny, art-filled afternoon in Provence.

For the star-studded fashion show, Ashley turned to her usual get-ready dream team: celebrity hairstylist Peter Lux and celebrity makeup artist Alex Babsky. Together, they’ve worked on some of Ashley’s all-time best looks (think this year’s Met Gala and her Porter cover). To complement her Botticelli lob, Babsky created a slightly cool-toned mauve smoky eye to pair with radiant skin and a liner-focused soft matte lip for maximum polish.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that Babsky did some strategic tight-lining with a deeper black shadow across Ashley’s upper lash line, diffusing it into a soft cat-eye. The gentlest touch of highlighter illuminates her eyes’ inner corners while the center of her lower lip is kept lighter than the rest to appear fuller. The finishes, though, are what really tie it all together. While Ashley glows, her makeup is nearly all a soft matte save for very restrained highlighting — and it just makes her shiny, hydrated hair stand out even further, too. Simone Ashley, everyone. She’s just That Girl.