Selena Gomez Just Revived One Of Her All-Time Best Hairstyles & It's So Sultry

Throwback to 2011.

Selena Gomez long hair

Even though Selena Gomez is among the most future-focused young stars (with both her work projects and aesthetics), it doesn’t mean she’s unwilling to revisit the past. Gomez is the sort of celebrity who stays true to her roots — she still enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with Disney, she’s still friends with her childhood besties, and she’s unafraid to visit her Ghosts Of Iconic Hairstyles Past. The Only Murders In The Building actor took to her favorite app, TikTok, to record a silly new video for fans and show off her latest look. Selena Gomez’s long hair with bangs, straightened and shined to perfection, might look familiar to some fans. But though the hairstyle is one she’s dabbled in before, it’s one of her all-time best looks — which makes it a prime candidate for a real revival.

One thing’s for sure, though — Gomez’s hair didn’t grow an entire foot (at least) overnight, which means some clever extensions or a wig is at play here. Gomez routinely switches up her hair with waist-dusting extensions, but the bangs are all hers. She chopped the thick, eyebrow-length fringe in late March, just in time for spring, and has been showing them off through some very different hairstyles ever since.

In this new TikTok, Gomez has her bangs stick-straight and ultra-sleek, making them look longer (and therefore more flirtatious — there’s just something about hair threatening to obscure vision) than ever before. The long, pin-straight hair is reminiscent of Gomez’s look in her Revival album and tour era, in which she favored a more straightforwardly sultry aesthetic — smoky eyes, sky-high heels, and tons of voluminous hair. She even wore this exact look, complete with exceptionally long hair and straightened bangs, for an entire leg of her tour.

Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While it’s unclear exactly what Gomez is working on with her new hairstyle, many fans seem utterly convinced it’s a behind-the-scenes teaser for something major coming soon — especially considering Gomez herself just confirmed she is indeed already in the studio recording her next album. Or maybe — just maybe — Gomez is simply playing around at her house with the score of products, tools, and techniques at her disposal. Isn’t that what everyone does when they’re bored?