Selena Gomez's Messy Updo Is The Perfect Way To Wear Your Hair Up With Long Bob

She’s so versatile.

Selena Gomez curly cute messy hair

Even among her ultra-stylish peers, Selena Gomez is something of a standout. Few can do true, seamless versatility the way she can, and that’s reflected in her body of work, sterling reputation, and yes, even her aesthetic choices with hair, makeup, and ensembles. Take this month alone, for example — Gomez kicked off May by launching a new Rare Beauty-sponsored mental health initiative, unveiling a cookware collection, showing off her comedic chops on SNL, and now, attending Disney upfronts to promote the new season of Only Murders In The Building. There in New York, Selena Gomez’s messy updo and warm-toned makeup paired with a sweet, smart skirt-suit were the fundamental opposite of her sleek and sexy SNL afterparty look — and her ability to vacillate back and forth between the two vibes is frankly worthy of an award alone.

“Selena Gomez or Selena GLOWmez?!” makeup artist Melissa Murdick very aptly captioned a shot of the star on the red carpet, waving in her peach skirt set. While an exact product breakdown wasn’t shared, Murdick did tag Rare Beauty so chances are much of the radiant, summery feel can be credited to Gomez’s own brand. While the apricot-colored lip and matching light smoky eye played perfectly off her outfit’s structure and shade, the Orlando Pita-styled updo infuses plenty of irreverence, fun, and youth into the otherwise-prim, pretty look.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The updo appears to be a carefully-undone bun, featuring lots of twists, texture, and pulled-out pieces to form that glamorous-behead look so beloved by Young Hollywood. Gomez doesn’t opt for updos too often — especially after cutting her chic bob and matching set of bangs — but when she does, the style always features an unexpected element (texture, accessories, an especially deep part, etc.) for added drama and excitement.

What makes her Disney upfronts look even cooler, too, is just how different it is from her daring Saturday Night Live afterparty look. There, all hints of buttoned-up propriety are gone, and in their place is a straight-up sexy look anchored by Gomez’s side-parted, flowing waves.

What’s next for Gomez is anyone’s guess. At this point, a wild and free skydiving music video filmed mid-air is just as likely as a straightforward talk show — as well as everything in-between.