Selena Gomez's Makeup Shows The Subtle Differences In French & Italian Glamour

She looks amazing in both.

Selena gomez smoky eyeliner and bun

To be precise, Bastille Day isn’t until July 14 — but Selena Gomez, in Paris for a special Rare Beauty event with Sephora, seems to be getting in the spirit a bit early by embracing all the classic hallmarks of that famed French-girl style. Her coquettish skirt-crop top set in a timeless houndstooth pattern and sleek matching pumps set the scene, but it’s the carefully-chosen hair and makeup that make her look so authentique. Selena Gomez’s Brigitte Bardot hair, teased up with plenty of volume at the crown before easing into a deep, sides-wept part, is fit for a French New Wave siren while her razor-sharp eyeliner and rich, matte lipstick bring their own subtle drama. Gomez has always been one to embrace different fashion and beauty signatures from all over the world, so it’s fitting she’d channel a classic French muse for her brief time in the City of Lights.

In fact, Gomez seemed to like the ‘60s-style look so much that she wore a slightly softened version of that exact hair and makeup later that evening for another engagement at Paris’ Hotel Crillon — she even changed out her bright white diamond hoop earrings for a more black tie-appropriate pair, a perfect complement to her swingy, flipped-out ends.

To nail the French-girl flair, Gomez turned to two of the industry’s biggest names: hairstylist Orlando Pita and makeup artist Hung Vanngo. The pair are working with Gomez as she travels through Europe for Rare Beauty and assorted other events, crafting occasion-perfect (and location-perfect, for that matter) looks at every stop along the way.

Pita shared a complete breakdown of how he achieved Gomez’s Sephora Paris look, complete with exact products used. After cleansing the hair, Pita explains in a press release, I blow-dried using the Orlando Pita Play Atmos Shield Hair Protectant Spray and a large round brush. That brush shape is key for nailing the flirty flip at the ends of the Rare Beauty founder’s hair, too. “Once her hair was dry, I then sprayed the Orlando Pita Play Body Breakthrough Volume Boosting Hairspray on her hair and curled her ends with a 1 1/2” curling iron,” he says, before teasing her roots all over for that big, Bardot-esque volume. Finally, Pita divided out Gomez’s part, smoothed it all into place, then locked the style in with his eponymous brand’s humidity-banishing hairspray.

On the makeup end, Vanngo made sure Gomez’s striking eye and lip looks were laser-precise and ultra-neat with the help of Rare Beauty products and a few handy helpers (the q-tip trick shown in her TikTok is a must for stiletto liner). Gomez’s deep, dusty plum-brown lipstick and liner are from Rare Beauty’s new Kind Words collection, both in the shade Gifted — a near-exact match for her nail polish, too.

After Paris, Gomez and company moved on to Italy where she toured the Rare Beauty factory and served up some Milan-approved updos to suit the new locale. Opting for heavier definition in her waterline, a much nuder lip shade, and a constructed, mid-height bun, it’s more overtly sultry, but no less high-fashion. At this point, though, it’s clear that Gomez and her glam team can make her look like a local anywhere — just think of the snow-tinged makeup possibilities in Antarctica....