The Evolution Of Winged Eyeliner Is Proof That Cat Eyes Will *Always* Be In Style

An ode to winging it.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images
Zoe Kravitz attends "The Batman" special screening

Unlike other beauty stalwarts, winged eyeliner didn’t arrive quietly — the trend began with a bang, sweeping through ancient cultures drawn to its drama and distinction. The evolution of winged eyeliner proves its power, too. How many trends manage to stick around for two years, much less 12,000?

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Egyptians and Mesopotamians started wearing cat eyes starting back around 10,000 BCE. The kohl-based eyeliners were a major status symbol, so it wasn’t uncommon to see inky winged liners stretching all the way up to the hairline — a look virtually synonymous with the ancient era now.Pictures from History/Universal Images Group/Getty Images