Blackpink Rosé's Best Beauty Looks & How To Recreate Them Yourself

Rosé is rosy.

Blackpink Rosé's best beauty looks.

You can’t miss Blackpink’s Rosé. Whether you’re watching her in a crowded stadium or on your phone screen, the pastel-haired, New Zealand-born Korean pop star is instantly recognizable. Blackpink Rosé's best beauty looks are one of a kind: Sometimes sweet and trendy, sometimes pulled straight from a fairytale picture book, with a healthy dash of Saint Laurent’s rock-and-roll vibes thrown into the mix. (Currently, Rosé is the ambassador of both the edgy fashion house itself and YSL Beauty, the latter of which was announced earlier in 2021.)

And with Rosé’s debut single album R dropping March 12, you can only expect the musician’s makeup aesthetic to continue blossoming, the fashion collabs to get more and more exciting, and her explosive global career to keep on growing. Below, TZR took a look at six Rosé makeup signatures and iconic beauty looks — like her rosy eyeshadow, glittery accents, and pink lipstick — and found products you can use to incorporate the musician’s aesthetic into your own routine.

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Blackpink Rosé’s Best Beauty Look: Pink Hair

There can’t be a deep dive into Rosé’s beauty aesthetic without mentioning the artist’s hair. From blonde to lavender to pale pink to silver, the soft pastel shades and long, straight lengths are Rosé’s trademark look.

Blackpink Rosé’s Best Beauty Look: Rose-Colored Lipstick

Rosé typically wears subdued lip colors in rose, mauve, and red hues that complement her moody, feminine clothing. In January she shared a pic holding a YSL Beauty lipstick on Instagram, so you can imagine the designer keeps her makeup team (and personal vanity) well stocked, too.

Blackpink Rosé’s Best Beauty Look: Natural-Looking Complexion

As a global pop star with more than 36 million followers on IG alone, it makes sense that Rosé has her complexion game on lock. The star favors a flawless, natural matte look, as seen in her recent campaign for a new Korea-exclusive YSL Beauty cushion compact.

Blackpink Rosé’s Best Beauty Look: Simple, Smoky Eyeshadow

Unsurprisingly, Rosé’s standard eyeshadow look is as fresh, feminine, and uncomplicated as the rest of her makeup routine. You’ll often see her with dark black wing liner enhanced by expertly blended smoky eyeshadow. Opt for a palette stocked with neutrals and pinks if you want to recreate the look; Blackpink's makeup artist, Lee Myeong-Seon (aka Maeng) has been spotted using Byredo’s recently dropped eye compacts and Clio’s Prism Air Eye Palette.

Blackpink Rosé’s Best Beauty Look: Light Pink Blush

What’s the finishing touch for pink hair, pink eyeshadow, and pink lipstick? Pink blush, of course. Rosé occasionally sports a rounded-cheek blush in ultra pale pinks.

Blackpink Rosé’s Best Beauty Look: Eye Glitter

A single swipe of well-placed eye glitter can take any look from 10 to 11, as Rosé and the entire Blackpink squad have proven many, many times in the past. Use the glitzy effect on top of your lid or lining your lower lash line.