Rihanna’s Date Night Hair Is The Prettiest Twist On A Y2K Classic

The *mother* of all dinner date looks.

@badgalriri / @diggzy
Rihanna pregnant trucker hat and leopard coat

There’s a lot to enjoy about this time of year. Love is in the air, the sweet sentiments are flowing, and everyone’s blissed out on romance and chocolate. But really, all that matters every February is seeing Rihanna in her now-legendary Saint Laurent heart-shaped coat. Last night, she stepped out in just that — but surprise of all surprises, it wasn’t even the most captivating part of her date-night look. For a romantic evening at Nobu Malibu with A$AP Rocky, Rihanna wore small French braids to pull back her hair, two sweet hidden details in her full, tousled waves — an equally stunning and efficient style for the ever-stylish mom-to-be. As a bonus, though, the braids free up her face which only puts more attention on the other best part of her look: warm, glossy, copper-colored makeup on her eyes, lips, and cheeks.

The orange-tinted makeup played off her scarlet coat to further warm up her glowing complexion — and match the unreal sunset the couple watched from dinner (Rih posted photos from the evening to the delight of literal millions.) Rihanna’s only stepped out publically a handful of times since her internet-shattering pregnancy announcement, but every look she wears is a smash.

The delicate braids are something of a trend inversion. No braid ever goes out of style, but lately, celebrities have been all about leaving a pair of miniature accent braids dangling around the face in classic Y2K fashion. Rihanna’s done that plenty of times (obviously — she’s Rihanna!) so naturally she had to put a twist on it.

As for her sunset-colored makeup, it’s safe to say that the multi hyphenate mogul is using plenty of Fenty here. A warm wash of copper is the perfect complement to her green eyes, almost seamlessly blending into her orange-pink cream blush. On her lips, it looks like Rihanna opted for a structuring liner before filling them in with a shimmering orange-toned gloss.

The only aspect of her look not in step with her otherwise fiery color palette is her manicure. Squared-off tips and a nice natural length, they’re done up in a muted milky pink that can match anything — especially that diamond-encrusted “Rih” ring on her pinky finger.

Of course, even Rihanna needs her rest, but considering just how much beauty and fashion inspo she serves up in a single sighting, is it selfish to wish she went out seven nights per week?