Reese Witherspoon’s Bangs ‘Magically’ Disappeared Just Days After Their Red Carpet Debut

Here’s how.

Reese Witherspoon sunglasses

The only thing stopping more people from getting bangs is just a fear of commitment, right? Though it really only involves a few inches of hair — at most — the idea of being stuck with a fringe for weeks or months while it grows out is enough to make even the most otherwise-experimental out there avoid the cut altogether. But as Reese Witherspoon’s side-bangs so perfectly demonstrate, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice any hair at all to get the exact same look. It all comes down to strategic styling and a few clever techniques, but anyone can make it happen at home.

Witherspoon debuted the look at a special celebration honoring the release of Tiffany & Co.’s Blue Book 2024 Céleste collection on April 25, which she attended alongside her daughter, Ava Phillippe. In an elegant black gown with a sultry slit up one leg, the actor’s hair features a deep side-part, creating a set of long, eye-obscuring bangs that arc across her forehead and curve around her cheekbone. The distinct shape would have you believe that she’s just back from her hairstylist’s salon chair, getting a fresh bang trim — but her look at an event just days later prove it’s all just brilliant sleight of hand.

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Less than a week after the Tiffany & Co. party, Witherspoon turned up on the red carpet at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award Gala Tribute, celebrating Nicole Kidman’s lengthy career, with a completely different style. Though she came draped in another gorgeous black gown, Witherspoon’s hair was parted straight down the middle, her “bangs” suddenly long enough to be fully tucked behind her ears — all the better for showing off the gleaming green jewels fastened to her lobes.

Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The secret seems to be in beveling, which is essentially using hot tools and product to swoop a swath of hair to make it appear shorter and more curved than it actually is. It’s a time-tested way to fake bangs, and it’s one of Witherspoon’s favorite tricks. She uses it often on the red carpet — though, to be fair, she loves to switch things up and actually cut bangs, too.

If you’re on the fence about a trim yourself, you can always test it out with beveling before going for the real deal.