Olivia Rodrigo Couldn’t Have Picked A Better Beauty Brand For Her First Collab

Good 4 her!

Olivia Rodrigo silver dress

It was only a matter of time before wunderkind Olivia Rodrigo was snapped up by a major beauty brand as their newest fresh-faced ambassador — and as it happens, the brand that finally succeeded couldn’t be more perfect for the Gen Z superstar. Yes, it’s official — Olivia Rodrigo is Glossier’s newest (and first) face, bringing her singular style and youthful flair to the beloved brand. Many suspected Glossier and Rodrigo were teaming up for something major when she wore a faceful of their signature products to the 2022 Grammys (at which she casually won three awards), but this new partnership is bigger than anyone anticipated.

Rodrigo’s campaign is more than the classic celebrity endorsement gig, too. Rather than just appearing in a series of advertisements, though, Rodrigo will be a true partner, sharing her insight and opinions on everything from product launches to Glossier-generated content and other campaigns from the brand. There’s also an emphasis on straight-to-consumer communication and sharing, an inextricable component of both the Glossier brand and Olivia Rodrigo’s own. Her fame came directly from the emotional link between herself, her lyrics, and her fans, many of whom are her peers going through similar struggles with relationships, societal expectations, and self-image.

“If I could send a note to the Glossier community,” Rodrigo says in a press release announcing the new partnership, “I’d say, you look good exactly as you are.” But even if you look good exactly as you are, there’s nothing wrong with playing around with new makeup, skin, and body care products — and Rodrigo loves to experiment with beauty. To celebrate the partnership, Glossier is offering a set of Rodrigo-approved products, called Olivia’s Favorites, with merch and interactive experiences coming down the pike as her Sour Tour unfolds.

Among Rodrigo’s favorites are the super-glossy (and moisturizing) Ultralip lip color, volume-building Boy Brow, and — perhaps her number-one pick — the fine-tipped Pro Tip liquid eyeliner, which makes nailing her signature cat-eye a breeze. “I love eyeliner. Winged eyeliner is my favorite thing in the world,” Rodrigo says in the product description. “I think I'm getting better at my winged eyeliner game, too. I just try to do it every day and statistically, I have to have improved at least a little.”

As her first beauty collaboration — and one of her first major partnerships in general — expect big things from this Olivia Rodrigo x Glossier team up. Considering both entities are generationally beloved, youthful, irreverent, and dedicated to a mutual come-as-you-are philosophy, it’s safe to say this is a match made in heaven.

Below, shop Rodrigo’s official favorites from the brand.

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