Glossier’s Newest Product Is The Ultimate Answer To Skin Texture

It’s *smooth* sailing from here on out.

Glossier Universal Pro-Retinol peeking out of bag

In ancient times, way back in practically medieval 2014, Glossier was still an “if you know, you know” sort of brand with just four beloved products — a moisturizer, Balm Dot Com, a face mist, and a skin tint — stuffed into that now-iconic pink bubblewrap slide-lock pouch. To say that things are different nowadays would be a staggering understatement, but one thing that’s never changed is Glossier’s commitment to unveiling beauty products that somehow manage to top all their previous releases — an impressive feat considering just how beloved the entire collection is. And today, Glossier's Universal Pro-Retinol launch might just best them all.

If you’ve never tried retinol or its prescription-only cousin retinoid, you probably have heard both talked about with near-religious zeal by skin care fanatics. Retinol is a form of vitamin A that deeply penetrates skin to neutralize free radicals and plump skin (which reduces the appearance of fine lines, making retinol a favorite for slowing signs of aging), while increasing cell turnover with extremely potent chemical exfoliating properties. A go-to treatment for acne, even severe acne, retinol is among the most powerful over-the-counter products out there, and Glossier is making it easier and safer than ever to start on a retinol routine.


The Universal Pro-Retinol is formulated with a carefully balanced 0.5% retinol base so all skin types can handle the complex. But it’s not just pure retinol — Glossier infused plenty of hydrating humectants (meaning they retain moisture) like stevia extract, 0.5% retinyl sunflowerate, and mondo grass root extract. Retinol’s exfoliating properties mean it can leave skin pretty damn parched and often irritated, so this conditioning ingredient list is the perfect antidote.

As is the case with most new additions to skin care routines, it may take several weeks to see results from the retinol, but those results are pretty major. Not only does retinol zap any lingering acne and milia while filling out the appearance of fine lines but the exfoliation does wonders for evening out overall skin tone and lifting dark spots and hyperpigmentation left over from spots.

In fact, in Glossier’s month-long clinical study, 81% of users said their dark marks looked faded, 93% said their skin texture evened out, and a full 100% reported more radiant, less dull skin.

Really, the only thing outside of possible dehydration to be aware of is the increased risk of sunburn because retinol makes skin more sensitive to UV rays. Unsurprisingly, Glossier has the solution to that too with a bundled set featuring both the Universal Pro-Retinol and their fan-favorite daily sunscreen. As per usual, Glossier has you covered.

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