Natalie Portman's Latest Glam Is A Subtle Reprise Of Her Iconic 'Black Swan' Look

Maximum drama.

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Natalie Portman’s affinity for classically sophisticated hair, makeup, and fashion choices doesn’t mean the star is aesthetically risk-averse — she just chooses her bolder moments wisely. For the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie, the latest installment in Marvel’s blockbuster Thor franchise, Portman decided to pull out all the stops and go for one of her most striking beauty looks yet. Natalie Portman’s smoky winged eyeshadow features exaggerated, elongated arcs of shimmery bronze that extend well past the edge of her lashes. Coupled with her equally-sparkly Celine gown and a chic, simple bun, Portman’s makeup is the real hero of this look.

The fact that Portman rarely makes public appearances at all makes her irreverent beauty choices all the more exciting — she’s barely even on social media, popping up every few months to share a movie trailer or let fans know the latest book she’s reading (or writing, for that matter). Joined on the red carpet by Thor costars Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompsonv, Kat Dennings, and Christian Bale, the always-radiant Portman stopped along the press line to chat with fans and even kneel down to meet with her youngest fans — many of whom wore her in-movie costume in tribute.

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It’s yet unclear which makeup artist is behind Portman’s impressive bronze wings (she’s worked with a few different artists in recent months) but the technique used is worth studying. Notably, Portman’s eyelashes aren’t mega-sized to match the eyeshadow, allowing those shimmery tones to take the spotlight. The dramatically extended wings are already reminding more than a few fans of the halting, haunting signature eye makeup Portman wore in her Oscar-winning Black Swan performance.

Of course, the rest of Portman’s look deserves plenty of credit, too — it’s the harmony of it all that makes this appearance such a standout. Portman’s blush, lipstick, and even skin finish were all carefully calibrated to complement but not overpower her eyeshadow. The warm tones in each help continue the color story but the shine and shimmer are concentrated exclusively on the eyes and dress. Her slicked-down chignon, an always-popular choice among Hollywood’s most stylish ladies, anchors the entire look with simple elegance. Another evening, another prime example of why Natalie Portman will forever be an icon.