The Perfect-For-Minimalists Gallery Wall Style Celebs Can’t Get Enough Of

So simple, yet so chic.

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Gallery walls can take on a lot of forms. There are wildly colorful versions, eclectic mashups, highly 3D combinations, and so much more. Despite all the options, though, there’s one style in particular that seems to be getting a lot of attention these days. And surprisingly, it’s one of the most simple. The look? Minimalist gallery walls, which celebs have been adopting lately in spades.

You may be wondering exactly what “minimalist” gallery wall means; after all, that moniker leaves a lot to interpretation. But in the case of the stars, it points to a few specific details. In essence, the celebrity-approved display includes a lot of uniformity: Similar or identical frames (in both color and width), and a cohesive color scheme within the photos. It sounds overly simple, but as several A-listers are proving, it’s actually a decor choice worth your consideration.

There are a few reasons for that. Obviously, the pared-back combination of art gives any space a polished effect. That said, it’s in a layered way, which can keep a room from appearing boring. Additionally, it gives the illusion of having one big piece of artwork, which can incorporate lots of drama (while also helping keep costs down — wall-sized paintings and photos don’t come cheap).

If you’re a self-proclaimed minimalist, you may have avoided gallery walls in the past. But if celebs have anything to say about it, there’s no reason to skip out on this installation just because your prefer a cleaner look in your home. A wall full of pictures can work for you — just look to the star-studded inspiration ahead.

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Kourtney Kardashian’s All-Neutral Gallery Wall

The Kardashians love a gallery wall, and Kourtney is no exception. In what appears to be a hallway, she’s hung a display of extra-large photos of family, all printed in black and white and surrounded by dark-brown frames.

Ciara’s Black & White Gallery Wall

Ciara took a similar approach to Kardashian’s in her music room, though she went a step further with simplicity. Instead of brown frames, the singer chose an all black-and-white color scheme, with the exception of one photo (which is also a great way to highlight a special moment or picture).

Olivia Culpo’s Gallery Wall Grid

Unsurprisingly (given her pristine home), Culpo’s gallery wall is about as minimal as it gets. Not only does her dining room feature all-matching frames, she arranged them in a grid formation for a super-sleek effect.

Molly Sims’ (Semi)-Eclectic Gallery Wall

Looking for something a little more fun? Try Sims’ slightly more layered approach. The model did include black-and-white photos in black frames, but she paired those with full-color pictures with a mix of white and tan wood frames as well. Various sizes completed the semi-eclectic effect.

Miranda Kerr’s Artsy Gallery Wall

Yes, it is possible to infuse some color into this look without going overboard. Kerr’s wall is the perfect example of this: She created a square grid of abstract paintings, but kept it from looking too complicated with similar artwork and acrylic frames.

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