Meghan Markle Owns Two Of These Classically Beautiful Bracelets

A timeless staple.

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Meghan Markle visits on September 23, 2021 in New York City.

Meghan Markle has a history of sending messages with her outfits. And often times, she leaves the theme of her ensembles open for interpretation. Earlier this year, she wore a lemon print Oscar de la Renta dress and fans theorized that it was a nod to her 2018 wedding cake. Another time, she wore two necklaces featuring her children’s astrological signs as a way to keep them close to her heart. In a recent interview with The New York Times, Markle wore an outfit that contained several subtle symbols — if you knew where to look — to no one’s surprise.

She was a guest on the The New York Times’ DealBook Online Summit, where she discussed the importance of paid family leave and all genders having parity in the workplace. Her outfit for the chat was demure and simplistic. It consisted of a high-neck top, a pair of black trousers, and a minimalist Gancini Belt from Salvatore Ferragamo. Since her look was relatively nondescript, it made for an excellent backdrop to her many accouterments — all of which were coded with sentimentality.

First, there was Markle’s bright red poppy pin, which was fastened to her chest as a means to memorialize fallen Commonwealth soldiers from past wars. (In the United Kingdom, the floral broach is often worn throughout November in honor of Armistice Day, which takes place on Nov. 11.) For jewelry — on her left wrist, Markle wore a diamond tennis bracelet from Jennifer Meyer (this is her second bracelet in this style as she also inherited a Cartier one from Princess Diana). She stacked on a Cartier bracelet and her trusty Cartier Tank watch, also from Princess Di, with the tennis bracelet.

Courtesy of 'The New York Times'
Courtesy of 'The New York Times'

On her right arm, Markle wore an Eye of Protection Bracelet by Mateo. As the name of the delicate bracelet‌ indicates, the piece features an evil eye motif, which traditionally symbolizes protection against harm in many cultures. For this particular piece, Mateo founder Matthew Harris sourced inspiration beyond the cultural and superstitious ties. Harris shares with TZR that he drew inspiration for the design of the bracelet from Salvador Dali’s painting The Eye (1945). It was part of a series of artworks that Alfred Hitchcock commissioned Dali to produce for the film Spellbound.

I wanted to pay tribute to Dali’s The Eye, but by adding my personal touch, so I modernized the symbol by adding the Mateo touch of simplicity,” he says. “My goal is always to make great personal jewelry — pieces that won't sit in a jewelry box, but will be worn daily. Meghan personally purchased the [Eye of Protection bracelet] piece and wears it quite often.”

Markle’s exact bracelet, which boasts a diamond-framed eye centerpiece, is available for purchase below. Alternatively, if you’d like to opt out of the high-shine look, you can snag the same style sans diamonds. You’ll find that particular design, as well as Markle’s other pieces, including her classic tennis bracelet, below.

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