Just Try To Look Away From Megan Fox’s Razor-Sharp Manicure

The coolest claws.

Megan Fox jelly nails and long stiletto nail shape

If Megan Fox has made one thing clear, it’s that she’s going to live her life on her own terms. The actor is confident in everything from her highly-publicized relationship with Machine Gun Kelly to her signature style choices — it’s all part of what makes her such a compelling star. Fox’s popularity as a fashion and beauty icon has only increased in recent years thanks to exciting looks like her sheer Mugler dress at the 2021 VMAs and her Bettie Page-inspired bangs at the Met Gala. Her manicures are equally as jaw-dropping, and this week, Megan Fox’s jelly nails are proving (yet again) that style has no rules.

In an Instagram post showing off a daring ensemble of cutout pants, a cropped tank, and furry red hat, Fox quipped in the caption: “Guys you don’t understand it’s just like…really hard when the only thing anyone ever notices about you is how smart you are.” On the third slid of the carousel, she shared a close-up shot of a page of a book, her hand — and stunning stiletto nails — front and center. Her extra-long claws are painted a bold shade of cobalt blue and have a sheer, jelly-like finish. Jelly nails are usually a major nail trend in the spring and summer, but Fox’s manicure makes a strong case for jelly nails in the fall — especially when paired with rich jewel tones like this particular shade of blue.


Recreating the jelly nail look is actually pretty easy. Celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce previously told TZR that it can be achieved simply by mixing your color of choice with a topcoat (making sure to mix very well to avoid streakiness) to create the sheer effect.

“Just make sure you choose a very vibrant color; it looks best when it's highly pigmented, like neons or a bright red,” she said. “Add a drop or two then swatch test before adding more color; I usually wind up doing about six drops total.” If you want to get the look at the salon, you could ask your manicurist for “jelly nails” or show them photos of exactly what you’re looking for.

As fall rolls along, consider Megan Fox’s sheer manicure a friendly reminder that nail trends should not be confined to certain seasons — and that includes jelly nails.