Martha Stewart Just Gave Her Stamp Of Approval To This Easy Summer Cocktail

Meet the “Cointreau Kiss.”

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Martha Stewart / Instagram
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If there’s anyone you can trust with beverage advice, it’s Martha Stewart — so when she shares a favorite summer cocktail, you know it’s got to be good. That’s exactly why you should pay attention to her latest obsession. Dubbed the “Cointreau Kiss” (by Stewart herself), it’s a pared-back, easy-to-make drink that officially has the entertaining queen’s stamp of approval.

The entrepreneur shared the recipe in an Instagram post this June, declaring the concoction “a new and delectable summer drink.” From the photo, it certainly looks to be: The image features a close-up of a glass filled with ice, oranges, and a citrusy-looking mix. And according to the rest of the caption, that’s exactly what it entailed.

Based on Stewart’s explanation, the Cointreau Kiss seems to essentially be a sweeter, less tart Cointreau margarita. To make it, simply add two parts Cointreau (“a delicious orange liqueur,” as she describes it), one part Casa Dragones Blanco tequila, two slices of orange muddled, and ice to a glass; top with sparkling mineral water. If you so choose, you could also “gild the lily,” Stewart continues — in other words, rim the glass with raw sugar. “Good as a cocktail, as a nightcap, or anytime,” she wrote in the post.

This seems to be the summer of cocktail trends — the Dirty Shirley is everywhere you look, canned cocktails are taking over shelves (and pools), and retro drinks are coming back in droves. However, it seems we may have some new ones yet, if Martha has anything to say about it. Given her affinity to this particular beverage, it’s certain to be delicious — and undoubtedly her 1.6 million Instagram followers are thinking the same. Give it some momentum by making it for yourself (and all your friends) with the Cointreau Kiss essentials, just ahead.

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