There Are Serious Layers To Margot Robbie’s Barbie-Themed French Manicure

Throwing it waaay back.

Margot Robbie Barbie movie hat and cell phone at Korean premiere

Everyone knew the Barbie movie machine would be massive pre-release, but the frenzied fervor on every single social media timeline — even through the packed social schedules of a holiday weekend — is so extreme, it’s almost a little surprising. But really, when examining the meticulously planned hairstyles and outfits of real-life doll Margot Robbie, it all makes sense. Even the star’s red carpet manicures for all the film’s publicity events and photo calls are Barbie-approved. Robbie’s pink French tips, spotted at just one of several promotional obligations attended in the past few days, might be her coolest look of the entire press tour, though.

Robbie pink-tipped nails are perfectly on-theme, of course, but the manicure’s historical consistency that’s particularly impressive. Every ensemble worn by the star so far has an actual Barbie outfit counterpart, usually one of the doll’s more iconic outfits from a distinct time period. At the movie’s South Korean premiere, Robbie wore a day-to-night transitional outfit that referenced a 1984-era Barbie look — a decade during which the French manicure absolutely ruled. Robbie’s pink-tipped nails come courtesy of celebrity artist Cho, who made them so much more than a finishing touch. Really, it’s just another prime example of why the movie is so hotly anticipated — fans love the rich the details and appreciation for Barbie lore.


Notably, Robbie’s nails features a few variations that make it feel a little sleeker and more modern than a classic, straightforward French manicure. Cho paired a fun hot pink at the tips, lightly blurred for a smoother transition into the muted, milky pastel seen through the base.

Han Myung-Gu/WireImage/Getty Images

To match the bold pink nails at the Seoul premiere and press conference, celebrity hairstylist Bryce Scarlett gave Robbie some lush, inward-facing curls with a jaunty side-part and bow, while makeup artist Pati Dubroff went all in on glowing pink cheeks and defined lips. With several more Barbie movie-themed weeks coming down the pike, there’s a shot that Robbie is sick of all the pink-on-pink (on-pink), but the beauty inspiration that comes with just one of her event looks is almost enough to hope she never wears anything else.