Lizzo Must Be Tired From Proving Us All Wrong About This Controversial Lipstick

Her prettiest look yet?


If there’s one celebrity out there that’s truly having fun with beauty, it has to be Lizzo. As proven by her chart-topping bops and jaw-dropping Instagram feed, the singer and Yitty founder isn’t afraid to let her personality shine through every single thing she touches. These days, she’s been indulging in a multitude of playful beauty moments, from Barbie-pink wigs to gorgeous glittery lipstick. Lizzo’s black lipstick and ultra-fluttery lashes (her most notable bold makeup look as of late) have been courtesy of her go-to collaborator, Alexx Mayo, who never fails to hype up the star when sharing his creations.

“EFFORTLESS adjective: requiring no physical or mental exertion. Showing or needing little or no effort,” Mayo wrote in the caption of an Instagram post showing off his latest makeup for Lizzo. The star looks, as the post calls out, *effortlessly* stunning with bright pink blush, razor-sharp winged liner, laminated brows, and fluttery lashes; not to mention her absolutely flawless and glowing skin. Mayo revealed that to achieve her perfectly pretty lash look, he used the Would I Lie? falsies from Velour Beauty’s Effortless Collection.

Lizzo’s hair, styled by Shelby Swain, is swept on top of her head and secured slightly off-center, with lots of volume at the top before cascading down into a mesmerizing swirly ponytail.

Just a few days ago, Mayo created yet another standout look for Lizzo — and if you’re feeling nostalgic for the beauty trends of 2016, this is surely scratch that itch. Accompanied by radiant skin and sky-high lashes, Lizzo donned matte black liquid lipstick (which Mayo revealed to be MAC’s Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color in the shade Caviar). “Romantic Goth era loading...,” the makeup artist captioned the post, to which Lizzo replied, rightfully so, “Another one for the mood boards 👀.”

Fans are loving the throwback look, with one commenting “Really makes me miss my dark turquoise lip colour.” Another even shared: “This is my favorite Lizzo look ever so far.”

If you're in need of some fall beauty inspiration, check out the falsies and liquid lipstick that have made Lizzo’s recent makeup looks so bookmark-worthy.

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