15 Lipsticks That Won’t Smear — No Matter What

No more reapplying every hour.

by Stephanie Montes and Mackenzie Sylvester
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These no smear lipsticks won't smudge all day.

Call it demanding, but when investing in a new lipstick, you want it to work — and you want it to work well. That really shouldn’t be too much to ask, but unfortunately, smudge-proof lipsticks can be difficult to find. Even after the most meticulous application, lipstick has a tendency to fade and smear throughout the day. And having to refresh your look multiple times over the course of an afternoon? Definitely not an ideal vibe.

What makes lipstick smear in the first place? According to celebrity makeup artist Jamie Dorman, your lipstick can smudge for a number of reasons. “Most lipsticks are wax-based formulas that do not ‘set’ or dry down, and [they] change texture based on the temperature they are in,” she tells TZR. “Lipsticks have a bigger tendency to bleed and move in warmer weather. They also readily move with a lot of talking, eating, or drinking.”

So, how can you spot a smearing lipstick from a stay-all-day one? For the ultimate smudge-proof pout, Dorman says to look to matte lipsticks or lip stains for the best staying power. “No-smudge lipsticks are usually matte in texture, and [they] start liquid and then dry down,” Dorman explains. “They are silicone-heavy formulas that include isodecane, cyclopentasiloxane, and often have a clay-like kaolin in them that lends to the dry down into matte texture.” Lip stains, on the other hand, are more adaptable in texture since they will meld with the natural texture of the lips. These are a versatile option that you can top with gloss or balm without worrying about smearing, Dorman tells TZR. “Lip stains usually have [a] combination of glycols and glycerin in their formulas, and because of this, [they] are a better option for dry lips.”

Top smudge-proof lipsticks will keep their color and vibrance even after talking and eating, rather than fading or bleeding the lip line. Here, find the best zero-smear lipsticks that will stick around for the long haul.

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