Kylie Jenner Just Swapped Her Intricate Manis For This Low-Key Nail Polish Shade

The perfect understated touch to a bold look.

Kevin Tachman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Kylie Jenner donned a new set of white nails in a recent Instagram post.

Quarantine is starting to feel a little like one big beauty tutorial marathon — no complaints, though. Recently, Instagram has been filled with stars sharing wildly bold eyeshadow, fresh dye, and shiny manis that are thankfully doable from the comfort of home. On this week's installment of quarantine beauty inspo, Kylie Jenner's white nails have taken the spotlight, which is especially helpful if you're tired of fancy designs or simply find ombré tips and rose quartz nails daunting.

The celeb and makeup mogul posted a pic on May 23 donning white square-tip nails and slicked-back pigtails. It was a super-quick switch up from the color she rocked on her nails just the day before, which featured a shiny nude base with highlighter yellow and blue tips. But leave it to Jenner to impress her followers how quickly she can change her nails on a whim.

Her brand-new choice was the perfect understated touch to complement the rest of her fiery outfit, which featured a faux leather bandeau top, light-wash jeans, oversized sunglasses, and a butterfly choker. But a white, toned-down quarantine mani doesn't just complement a wide range of outfits — it's also super easy to achieve since you really only need a couple of products, making it a surprisingly minimalist choice for Jenner.

While many stars have been sharing their beauty fun, the Kardashian-Jenner clan alone have all given out enough beauty inspiration during quarantine to last their fans into next year. Kim Kardashian shared a whole WFH beauty tutorial, Kourtney Kardashian launched a new LED face mask and served fresh looks in her sister's shower, Khloé Kardashian presented an unbelievably dewy bronzed look, and even Kendall Jenner, who doesn't stray far from her usual look, switched up her hair color during her time in lockdown.

So, naturally, it's no surprise that Kylie continues to show off her stylish sets during quarantine. She's known for her nail expertise — posting a colorful rainbow French manicure back in April and sporting a set of hot pink ombré gel extensions in March — which makes it all the more exciting to guess what she'll come up with next. What a time for beauty fanatics to be alive.