Kylie Jenner’s Golden Globes Makeup Is The Next Best Thing To Going Barefaced

Timothée clearly loves it.

Kylie Jenner smoky eyeshadow

Kylie Jenner’s refreshed, revitalized era seems to still be going strong. For months now, the reality star-business mogul has enthralled fans with a seemingly overnight shift away from more-is-more maximalism in favor of a more pared-down approach to hair, makeup, and fashion. Wearing breezy buns and linen dresses all summer is one thing, though — Jenner’s no-makeup makeup look at the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards is something altogether different. Parked next to beau Timothée Chalamet at a central table and trading kisses in between category announcements, her beauty choices are soft, subtle, and impossibly chic. In many ways, it’s the complete opposite of the so-dubbed “King Kylie” aesthetic — marked by blue hair, major makeup, and over-the-top nail art — that helped make her a Gen Z icon in the first place.

Though Jenner skipped the red carpet fanfare at the Jan. 7 Globes, the broadcast cameras were fixed on her and Chalamet’s table throughout the night. She arrived dressed in a lacy black long-sleeved gown, with her long, dark hair pulled up into a loose, romantic bun. Her makeup is especially notable, too. As the purveyor of her Kylie Cosmetics line, she’s usually one to experiment with a smoky eye moment or a bold lip color. At the Globes, however, she kept it sophisticated and simple.

Jenner and Chalamet.Christopher Polk/Golden Globes 2024/Getty Images
Jenner with Hari Nef and Greta Gerwig.Christopher Polk/Golden Globes 2024/Getty Images

The bulk of Jenner’s makeup was concentrated on teasing out extra cheek glow, adding in some rosy warmth, and defining her matte lips in a matching shade of pink. Her brushed-up brows helped underscore the natural look, as did her pale, shell-colored nails filed into a soft square shape.

Jenner’s been loving a more relaxed take with both her beauty and fashion choices over the past several months, and this major award show appearance cements the idea that it’s a permanent shift.

Jenner in Nov. 2023.@kyliejenner

It’s unclear which creative gave Jenner that glowing, simple look at the Globes, but she most often works with celebrity makeup artist Ariel Tejada. Surely some Kylie Cosmetics were involved in bringing it to life, too.

As the January doldrums rage on, Jenner’s luminous skin and petal-pink lips are a sweet reminder that spring is just around the corner.