Kris Jenner Just Switched Up Her Signature Haircut In The Most Major Way

The mother of all haircuts.

Kris Jenner pixie hair bob new haircut

Kris Jenner’s chic pixie cut was one of the few things you could really rely on in this world. No matter how society, technology, and ways of life change, Jenner’s enduring close-cropped haircut — her beauty signature — remained unchanged through the decades. But alas, all good things must come to an end, especially when it’s to make room for something even better. Jenner’s new hairstyle, a stylish bob that nearly skims her shoulders, is a sleek and sophisticated choice for the Jenner-Kardashian matriarch. In a serendipitous (or strategic) spin, Kris Jenner’s bob haircut arrives just in time for the dawn of the Kardashians’ next great era which commences with the April 14 arrival of their new Hulu show. The momager mogul’s ageless cut is an undeniably glamorous switch-up, and she might just be giving her famous daughters a run for their money.

Jenner’s silky, jet-black bob was first debuted on Instagram as she prepped for a celebration of Kylie Cosmetics’ collaboration with Kendall Jenner. As she slicked on lipgloss and looked into the camera, it was clear Jenner felt great about her hair transformation — and with good reason. Not only is the bob full and voluminous, but it also features a fresh set of piece-y, side-swept bangs for a coquettish twist.

Kris Jenner bob haircut new hair

While the look is gorgeous, the only question here is just how long it’ll stick around. Though Jenner has experimented a few times over the years with platinum hair dye and the occasional wig, she always returns to her trademark pixie. But maybe with the new show, plenty of new projects to promote (just check her Instagram bio for the ever-growing list of family-owned brands), it was time for a more permanent change. Adorably enough, Jenner’s bob just so happens to match eldest child Kourtney Kardashian’s own relatively new cut. Kardashian might have put in extensions for her Vegas wedding to Travis Barker, but her take on the bob will surely be back any day now.

Regardless of if Kris Jenner’s new hair is around for a week, a year, or another decade, it’s already making a well-deserved splash. Now all that’s left to do is wait for the undoubtedly amazing ensembles and makeup looks she’ll pair with it.