Kim Kardashian’s New Hair Color Is Straight From The ‘King Kylie’ Playbook


Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner selfie

Not to alarm you or send you down a spiral about the passage of time or anything, but indeed, 2016 was nearly seven full years ago. A lot has happened since then — that was the period of blocky brows, the choker revival, and Snapchat filters, of course — but comfortingly enough, plenty’s managed to stay the same. The Kardashian family’s cultural influence and overall ubiquity is one pretty consistent thread through the years, and even some of their most memorable beauty looks have popped back up once again. The latest example? Kim Kardashian’s pink hair, which looks like it was borrowed whole-hog from sister Kylie Jenner’s Tumblr circa the mid-2010s.

Longtime followers of the family surely remember Jenner’s now-legendary “King Kylie” era, which was largely marked by an endless series of colorful wigs — most famously pink. On April 29, her sister debuted a just-dyed shade of cotton-candy hair on her Instagram, accented by deep roots and and a what looks like a short, choppy pixie cut with uneven ends. Kardashian’s look is undeniably edgy and a distinct departure from her usual long, raven-black blowouts and updos, but it’s the reveal’s timing that really has fans on their toes.

Eagle-eyed civilians spotted Kardashian boarding her private jet just days ago with a baseball cap obscuring what sure looked like freshly-bleached hair with dark roots. Then, on April 27, she showed up the Homeboy Industries Gala in Los Angeles with a new platinum blonde color complete with those same deeper pieces along her part and hairline. Going for a bleached look is nothing necessarily new for Kardashian, revealing it just weeks before the 2024 Met Gala is an interesting choice. Considering how meticulously Kardashian plans her look for the annual fundraiser, it’s safe to say that this changeup was no mere coincidence.

MEGA/GC Images/Getty Images

Really, the biggest mystery is where exactly the pink hair fits in. Is it a wig? Did she go for an actual haircut? Is it a Met Gala look preview? Was the photo taken before or after she attended the Homeboy Industries event?

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