Kendall Jenner’s New Favorite Nail Shape Is Impossibly Hip

Hello, inspo.

Kendall Jenner with wine glass

With the new year only a few weeks aways, it’s out with the old and in with the top trends of 2024. While beauty is deeply personal, all-in-good-fun crazes are always fun to play around with — but some “goodbyes” (loosely speaking here) are harder than others, though. This month, TikTok is embroiled in an all-consuming debate over almond manicures, as experts and content creators questioning just how popular they’ll be in 2024. With the pointed shape going the way of the skinny jean, what’s poised to take over? Enter Kendall Jenner’s long, squared shape nails, her latest must-have accessory perfect for pairing with all of her elevated winter fashion choices.

As the most aesthetically low-key member of her famous family, it’s not too terribly often that Jenner shakes up her beauty go-tos — her caramel-colored ombré hair and tastefully overlined lip looks seem here to stay. But her recent penchant for long, square nails are almost like a natural continuation of the laidback style she usually prefers. On a night out in Los Angeles on Dec. 11, Jenner was spotted with a rectangular manicure painted a glossy shade of nude, with the sharp-cornered ends extending several centimeters past her fingertips.


The length is as big a deal as anything, too. Typically, the supermodel sticks to her own natural nails, adorning them with classic polish shades like black, red, and sheer pink. The fact that her tips are visibly long, even in a full-length photograph, speaks volumes.

Jenner’s usual nail length and shape.@kendalljenner

Her look is very much in-line with 2024 trend predictions, too. While she doesn’t dismiss almond-shaped manicures the way some TikTokkers do, celebrity nail artist Chiara Ballisai told TZR earlier this month that the natural look — think squares, ovals, and a combination of the two called “squoval” — is set to dominate the upcoming year. The online debate is centered around the generation divide over almond nails. One faction claims the shape is decidedly “millennial” and therefore dated, while the other half maintains (correctly, in this millennial writer’s opinion) that they’re timeless and look incredible on everyone.

While some of us are taking almond nails to the grave, Jenner’s chic, square-shaped set could be just thing to get me to flip-flop.