This Viral Bangs Trend Got A ‘70s-Inspired Update, Courtesy Of Kendall Jenner

The volume is off the charts.

Kendall Jenner is not one to shy away from a bold hair transformation, but it seems that the model and 818 Tequila founder is particularly fond of one of the year’s biggest hair trends — so much so that she both started and ended 2022 by wearing it. It’s no secret that curtain bangs have surged in popularity in recent years and gained even more traction in 2022, with celebrities like Jenner not only getting on board, but proving just how versatile fringe can be. Kendall Jenner’s long bangs — coupled with what looks like flippy new cut — are seemingly Farrah Fawcett-inspired and prove, yet again, that there’s no wrong way to try the ultra-flattering trend.

In a new fashion campaign shared on her Instagram, Jenner appears in an all-denim ensemble and a supermodel-chic hairstyle to match. Her typically espresso-toned locks look a bit brighter than usual — which could be a trick of the lighting — but might just be thanks to a subtle new shade. Hairstylist Lucas Wilson gave the star a choppy style with volume galore, most notably in her face-framing curtain bangs that give the look tons of dimension. Jenner’s had some longer pieces as part of her haircut for a while now, but they’re never as center-stage or strongly styled as they are in her new Own Denim shoot.

There’s no denying the Farrah Fawcett-inspired vibe of the hairstyle, and its influence, however subconscious, is hardly surprising. The iconic Charlie’s Angels actress popularized the fluffy, layered shag at the height of her stardom in the 1970s, but it continues to be replicated today — and likely will for decades to come. In fact, celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins recently told TZR that the Fawcett cut has recently been one of the most highly requested styles in the salon, and you can expect to continue the trend all winter long.

However, the super-voluminous can be a bit intimidating to some, making curtain bangs a much safer option for anyone looking to spice up their look a bit. This is likely why it’s been such a popular style among everyone from your coworkers to celebrities. In February 2022, Jenner took one of her first leaps big into curtain bangs, casually debuting the look in a series of Instagram stories. Such is the life of a model, the star has undergone several other hair transformations in the months since (the strawberry red locks she wore on the Prada runway, for example), but it seems like curtain bangs have a special place in her heart. Can you blame her?