Keke Palmer’s Major ‘SNL’ Announcement Was Accompanied By A Seriously Chic Mani

The Internet is buzzing.

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If you feel like a member of your own family just announced their pregnancy on national television you’re not alone — Keke Palmer is officially expecting her first child, and to say the internet is overjoyed would be the understatement of the century. Even Twitter managed to come together and celebrate as one, a feat no one expected in this lifetime. But amid the joyous news and outpouring of support, one tiny detail of Palmer’s Saturday Night Live appearance was left out of the conversation: her glamorous updo, makeup, and manicure on the late-night show. Keke Palmer’s black chrome nails took center stage when she unbuttoned her boxy brown blazer for the big reveal, but were (more than understandably) overshadowed by the glowing baby bump they caressed. Despite the much bigger news, a manicure this incredible — and beyond trendy — deserves some attention on its own. If you’ve yet to lock down your New Year’s Eve nails, consider this your sign to lean back into the ever-popular chrome nail trend — but Palmer’s version is the sleekest one yet.

Palmer’s glossy black nails, covered in what looks like a holographic, silvery topper, shined through her SNL promo shoot photos, the opening monologue (in which she spilled the exciting news), and her wildly funny skits. Black nail polish is always a classic choice this time of year, but the shimmery element of the chrome makes the manicure so much more festive and entirely holiday party-appropriate.


Plus, there’s no denying the power of the chrome nail trend in general. Every color of chrome nails, be they the original pearly-white, a bold scarlet, or any color in between, stands out in the most effortless way possible. Palmer’s take on the look was even better when paired with her outfit, a collection of different-toned brown pieces. Neither truly matching nor distractingly contrasting, the nails are distinct enough to earn a few double-takes without distracting from the real star of the show.

Palmer’s nails were spectacular, but not the only standout in her SNL look. Celebrity makeup artist Sheika Daley applied the perfect sophisticated smoky eye, while celebrity hairstylist Ann Jones created the sleekest slicked ponytail for the monologue. While it’s still unclear who gave Palmer’s the all-star manicure, one thing’s for sure — the look’s just started an entirely new offshoot of the year’s biggest beauty trend.