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Black Ombré Nails Are The Coolest Way To Do Moody Winter Nails

The possibilities are endless.

Black ombre and chrome nails

Winter beauty is all about taking cues from nature and embracing the early nightfall. The traditional season color palette is all about deep blues, dark greens, and moody oxbloods, but nothing can touch the power of classic black nails — even more so when they’re given an exciting, modern upgrade. Enter TZR’s list of the very best black ombré nail inspo, here to elevate any look just in time for the crush of holiday parties lurking just around the corner. A combination of the ultra-trendy gradient effect manicure craze and ever-popular black nail polish, it’s the coolest way to upgrade your usual go-tos.

Despite the specific-sounding name, black ombré nails are actually more versatile than you’d think. Because black nail polish can punch up and complement any other color, they can be combined ad infinitum to create something entirely new. Add some user-friendly nail stickers or a shimmery dusting of rhinestones and suddenly, you’re face-to-face with a totally distinct manicure tailored to suit you and your personal aesthetic. Scroll through the possibilities below and consider trying one out this month — does anything say New Year’s Eve like capturing a glittering night sky within your manicure? Your favorite look of the year awaits.

Winter Wonderland

Black ombré nails, when mixed with white and silver, can easily look like a snowy winter sky with the right technique. This incredible set even features painted-on twinkles to heighten the effect.

Black Ombre With Sparkles

Keep things casual yet celestial with sparkly tips infused into a black ombré manicure. The shimmer catches the light and shines every time you move your hands.

Subtle & Sheer

For the more casual ombré fan, the smoky look of a gradient manicure is an exciting departure from solid colors without feeling too complicated or over-the-top.

Half & Half

Black, white, and chic all over — this black ombré-white ombré hybrid manicure was created especially for Halloween, but is a standout look any time of year.

Black & Blue

The best thing about black ombré nails is just how versatile it can be. Combine it with any other color — in this case, a deep midnight blue — to make a custom moody manicure.

Celestial Vibes

WitchTok would have a field day with this stars-and-moon mani, a glittering homage to the night sky. By using the crescent motifs sparingly, they immediately grab the eye.

Black Chrome

This intricate design might just be one of the coolest manicures ever. The combination of assorted trends like 3D chrome and a gradient finish are perfectly complementary, joining together to create something entirely new.

Glam Goth Nails

Black ombré naturally lends itself to all sorts of goth-glam manicures Kourtney Kardashian would surely approve of, like this spooky matte set that features delicate studs and pops of red.

Low-Key Leopard

It’s impossible to say what’s better about this manicure — the demure, short shape, the pointed French tips, or the concentration of shimmer in a leopard-print pattern.

French Tip Ombré

If you’re looking to just dip a toe into the black ombré nail trend, consider this chill French manciure. Rather than classic white tips, the gradient looks like smoke slowing rolling in.