Jodie Turner-Smith Says She Stocks Up On This Fall Staple Every Year

It’s likely in your closet right now.

Courtesy of COS
Jodie Turner Smith Fall Fashion

You’d be hard-pressed to find an outfit that Jodie Turner-Smith can’t pull off. In fact, at a recent event celebrating the British actor’s A/W 2021 campaign with luxe essentials brand COS, I heard this very statement from several attendees throughout the evening. “She could make a potato sack look chic,” said one party-goer. Unsurprisingly, her outfit for the event in question, a royal blue oversized sweatshirt dress and black Chelsea boots, propelled me to add the entire ensemble to cart as soon as I got home. It also led me to grill Turner-Smith on the fall fashion staples she considers invaluable. Yes, I did it in the name of journalism, but I also inquired for my own selfish benefit.

“When it’s cold, I like to be comfortable,” says the Queen & Slim star to me. “I hate being cold. My family is from the islands [Jamaica, specifically], so I want to be warm, I want to be hot, I want to be cozy. I don’t want to be uncomfortable. Also, you see someone walking in cold weather and they have their shoulders up by their ears. There’s just something about the cold that makes you immediately tense.”

So how does the actor stay tension-free through the chillier months? Well, according to Turner-Smith, there are a few tried-and-true basics she keeps in stock to make sure she’s layered to perfection. “I love a wide-leg pant, I love a turtleneck, I want cozy materials,” she says. “Wool is amazing, but it’s itchy — I don’t want that.”

Courtesy of COS

The aforementioned turtleneck is especially valuable, especially in a long (“the more fabric at the neck the better — I have a long neck”), fitted variety that can be worn in a plethora of ways. “You can wear it with denim, a dress, layered underneath something — I love it,” says Turner-Smith.

It’s perhaps this devotion to classic essentials that made her campaign with COS (known for its timeless, structured pieces) such a natural fit. “I feel like, as a brand, their aesthetic is so chic, but also so comfortable and cozy, which I love as a parent and a human,” says the new mom (who shares her one-year-old daughter with husband and actor Joshua Jackson). “But, honestly, everyone right now — whether you’re a parent or not — is all about feeling good. And I love a brand that can live in your closet for a long time.”

I second that notion. If you, too, are ready to follow Turner-Smith’s lead and stock up on some cozy essentials, shop her edit below.

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