Jennifer Lopez Is Getting Back To Her Roots With A New Hybrid Hair Color

It’s just stunning.

Jennifer Lopez hair color highlights

It’s the end of an era, a bittersweet conclusion to one wild ride. Yes, Jennifer Lopez has finally bid farewell to her longtime hair companion, the face-framing highlight. After a glorious two-year stretch with the lush, caramel-toned highlights illuminating her long hair, J.Lo has officially ditched the look in favor of something entirely different. These days, Jennifer Lopez’s hair color is somewhere between a cappuccino bronde (an ultra-trendy hybrid that capitalizes on natural tones) and a totally bespoke balayage that effortlessly catches the light.

Eagle-eyed J.Lo fans may notice that the multigenerational star started creeping back toward her brunette roots for quite some time now. An examination of her social media posts and public appearance (kind of like the world’s most fun game of Clue) shows that Lopez started to make the shift away from full-on blonde somewhere in early winter 2022. As she simultaneously experimented with curtain bangs, the intensity and number of highlights started to shrink, and Lopez began popping up in photos with increasingly dark hair before finally arriving at the true brunette shade she is now. While it’s unclear exactly when J.Lo took the plunge on the new hair color, it’s easy enough to piece together. Forget Colonel Mustard in the library with a candlestick — this was Tracey Cunningham in Beverly Hills with the Redken foils.

From the photos she shared and some newer paparazzi shots, it looks like Lopez’s hair is darker on top, gently fading into a subtle, cool-toned blonde on her waist-grazing tips. While there are definitely still highlights woven into her new hair color, they’re significantly deeper, more subtle, and hidden than her previous set, giving her hair some low-key (but absolutely noticeable) dimension that looks both so natural and effortless.

Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

It’s the darkest her hair has been in a few years, and it’s interesting that the shift happens just as the warm weather rolls in — typically the time of year when everyone wants to go a bit lighter with their hair color and play around with sunlit highlights. But considering J.Lo is a true tastemaker and certified living legend, she’s content to do her own thing, regardless of the season, trends, or anything else for that matter.