Jennifer Lopez’s Autumnal Nails Are A Remix Of 2022’s Biggest Manicure Trend

Obsessed is an understatement.

Jennifer Lopez brown nails

There’s not a beauty trend around that Jennifer Lopez can’t make better with her distinctly glamorous aesthetic — it’s part of what makes her a supreme diva of an entire generation. Curtain bangs, ‘90s-inspired updos, and green eyeshadow are all buzzy in their own right, but Lopez’s signature touches always infuse some serious opulence. Look at her latest fall manicure, for instance — right when you thought the brown nail trend had reached a fever pitch, here comes J.Lo to kick it up a notch. Jennifer Lopez’s mocha nails aren’t just the latest celebrity take on a popular craze, but rather a fresh way to participate. By steering clear of a true chocolate brown in favor of a more muted, neutral shade, the nails help glorify her hair, makeup, and outfits as opposed to starring as the main feature. The perfect in-between shade, add the mocha nails to your lineup now — it’s one of the most versatile manicure colors out there.

Bronzed, cozy makeup has always been J.Lo’s beauty wheelhouse, so it makes sense that her preferred color palette would extend to her nails. Seen in an Instagram post by celebrity manicurist — and Lopez’s go-to nail pro — Tom Bachik, the shade is a grey-toned brown with an ultra-glossy finish.

Not quite as deep as Lily James’ chocolate brown nails or as warm as Hailey Bieber’s fall glazed donut manicure, the softer, cool-toned shade is a gorgeous complement to Lopez’s beige sweater and what appears to be tan, suede boots or pants. The tones also pair beautifully with her paper weight-sized green diamond wedding ring, courtesy of husband Ben Affleck. Notably, Lopez stays true to her preferred nail length and shape, a tapered oval manicure that extends about a half-inch from the fingertips.

All season long, brown nails have reigned supreme as the manicure color of the season — and maybe even the year. If a rich chocolate brown is either too nude to stand out or too much of a contrast for your liking, a grey-toned brown, like a mink or mocha, is universally flattering while still hitting the trend’s notes. If anyone knows how to remix a craze to look even more luxe, it’s the one and only Jennifer Lopez.