Jennifer Lopez’s Braided Updo Will Transport You Back To The ‘90s

Peak nostalgic glam.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has been a beauty icon since the 1990s, so it’s pretty kismet that she would lean into the recent resurgence of Y2K trends. More often than not, the star opts for her signature bouncy blowout and smoky glam, but she surprises fans by mixing things up and trying out trendy styles like face-framing braids. At Grameen America's Raising Latina Voices event in honor of Latinx Heritage Month this past weekend, Jennifer Lopez’s braided bun and cream-colored suit made quite an impression and was the perfect sleek-yet-playful look for the occasion.

“Such an amazing time today speaking to 400 Latina small business owners,” Lopez shared in an Instagram post showing off her look, including a sweet selfie with the audience at the event. Her three-piece suit was certainly giving powerful business owner, while her smoky eye and slicked bun oozed the sultry glam that the star has become known for.

Lopez’s go-to hairstylist Chris Appleton (who also works with other megastars like Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa) shared a 360 view of the sleek style he created for the event. Appleton slicked back Lopez’s honey-colored hair, securing it at the crown of her head in intricately looped braids. The stylist also left out some wispy pieces, giving the updo a chic, undone effect.

The look is a variation of the trendy slicked-back bun that’s been a go-to for celebs like Bella Hadid lately. Earlier this year, Appleton shared a highly anticipated tutorial for the look in which he shared that his big secret is to achieving the sleek middle part is to leave out a triangle-shaped section of hair at the front. Then, he saturates the roots of the rest of the hair in hairspray and brushes it back into a sleek pony. “Snatch those cheekbones back nice and tight,” he says in the video. “That’s a key part.”

For her makeup, Lopez went with a simple smoky eye, bronzed skin, and mauve lipstick. Her nails aren’t pictured in any Instagram posts, but her nail artist Tom Bachik was credited with her manicure. Given her love for neutral manicures, it’s probably safe to assume she went with a milky nude or French tips; perhaps she even tried out the trendy chrome manicure that’s been circulating wildly among celebrities and nail enthusiasts alike.

It’s possible that Appleton will share a tutorial for Lopez’s intricate hairstyle, so be on the lookout on his Instagram page. But even if he doesn’t, fans can still revel in the beauty that is the star’s most recent ‘90s glam moment.