J.Lo Took Her Closet From Merely Functional To Totally Glam With These Easy Additions

You can do the same.

Jennifer Lopez / Instagram

Jennifer Lopez is, without a doubt, one of the most glamorous women on Earth. From her incredible clothing to her on-point beauty, she always seems to know how to incorporate as many fabulous details as possible into her looks. And apparently, the same goes for her home. Earlier this summer, the multi-hyphenate gave Instagram followers a peek into her closet, which actually featured a pretty basic style. Yet while the bones were bare, Lopez’s walk-in wardrobe still managed to be the ultimate glam space thanks to a few of the star’s small-but-calculated additions.

It’s a feat no one is surprised by, considering Lopez is an expert at this very particular kind of art. Yet the fact that the 52-year-old managed to take a minimal, mostly white space and turn it into a very on-brand dressing room with barely anything at all is still intriguing, especially if you’re looking to do the same. Fortunately, a deep dive into the details reveals that following her lead is surprisingly easy (and may even be cheap) — something you can’t often say about emulating the rest of her fabulous life. Ahead, find out exactly how she pulled off this closet transformation, and how you can do the same.

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Crystal Accents

They may be one of the smallest additions to the space, but Lopez’s crystal drawer knobs are also the most impactful. Without them, her white storage would be simple, and even slightly dull. But with that touch of shine? It goes from plain to feminine and luxe immediately.

While knobs and pulls are an easy way to achieve this effect, they’re not the only option for incorporating this look into the space. A vase, a lamp, or any other crystal decor displayed prominently will also do the trick.

Luxe Fabrics

While there’s not a ton of fabric included in the singer’s closet, that which is featured is nothing short of opulent. Lopez chose to implement some through a set of what appears to be marigold-hued silk curtains, which add much-needed color and texture via the luxurious folds of shiny material. This may not be an option for everyone — after all, it’s quite a luxury to have windows in your wardrobe — but fabric can certainly be included in other ways, such as pillows, ottomans, and more.

Fur Textures

Arguably one of the easiest ways to infuse a glam vibe into any space is through fur-like textures. J.Lo herself did so here with the addition of a vanity stool, and the effect is dramatic. Not only does it add a feeling of coziness, but it’s also stylish in a fun, over-the-top way.

Mirrored Pieces

For J.Lo, adding glam seems to be synonymous with adding shine. Both her curtains and her drawer knobs do this, as does her mirrored vanity, which manages to dazzle even underneath a towering pile of hats and clothes. Don’t have enough room for a similar piece? No problem — you could replace your normal shelves or even your mirror for a mirrored option.