Jennifer Lopez Put A Festive Holiday Spin On Her Favorite French Manicure

It’s so tasteful.

Jennifer Lopez skiing outfit and hair

Given how often she toggles from one statement manicure to the next, did anyone expect Jennifer Lopez not to go all-in on a special set for the holidays? Just a few weeks into December, celebrity winter nail looks have set the bar notably high, but J.Lo is clearing it with ease thanks to a novel (yet refreshingly low-key) candy cane theme that just so happens to incorporate the biggest mani trend of the year. Jennifer Lopez’s Christmas French manicure is holiday nail art for people who hate nail art, both subtly festive and undeniably chic. After all, if anyone knows classic holiday beauty, it’s J.Lo.

The holiday manicure follows a string of excellent looks from Lopez, most recently caramel-colored nails painted to match her cozy-glam Thanksgiving outfit. But just in time for the Christmas season, celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik swapped the light brown nails out for a more overtly festive feel. Each nail on Lopez’s hand features a classic, almond-shaped French manicure except for her pointer, pinky, and middle fingers. Those nails are covered in translucent snowflakes and white candy cane stripes respectively, though they mirror the same muted, pink-and-white color palette of traditional French tips. The effect is like a dusting of snow on a window pane, frosty and slightly faded for an elegantly minimal holiday look.

Created in the first week of December, the manicure is still going strong with just 10 days ‘til Christmas left. Lopez was just spotted out running errands in Los Angeles, wrapped in a fluffy fur coat and clutching her green iPhone — which was a perfect accidentally-festive backdrop to show off the holiday nail design.

Lopez’s love for creative takes on the French manicure is well documented. This year alone, she’s shown off every style possible, including a flower-accented version with diagonal stripes, a glitter ombré French manicure in shades of gold, and milky, faded tips — decorated with painted-on doves and flowers, of course — for her wedding to Ben Affleck. With this latest look, she adds yet another home run to her manicure collection — and there’s no telling what she and Bachik could be cooking up for the new year ahead.