From Tropical Escapes To Family Dinners, Here’s How Celebs Spent Christmas

Lots of matching PJs were involved.

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Lily Collins / Instagram

There are a lot of things about most celebrities that could hardly be considered “normal” — the vacations they take, the houses they buy, the clothes they wear. That said, there is one holiday that seems to serve as the great equalizer. And when you see how celebrities spent Christmas this year, you’ll see just how true that can be.

Sure, some stars, like Gabrielle Union, do take off on tropical getaways, while others transport their families to bougie snowy destinations. Yet many others simply stay home, partaking in common traditions like baking and wearing dorky, matching PJs with their loved ones and dogs.

OK, so you may not be able to make the case that celebrities are just like us — but when it comes to Christmas and their festivities, it’s heartwarming to see that the goal is very much the same. Like most who commemorate, A-listers just want to feel cozy, eat good food, and enjoy the people they love the most. And this year, most of them did just that.

From Reese Witherspoon’s dressed-up family dinner to Oprah’s pre-meal hike, here are some of the many ways they spent the holiday this year — either for you to simply observe, or to inspire some new activities of your own in 2023.

Gabrielle Union

Judging from her Instagram, Union seems to have escaped any winter weather with a holiday getaway to a tropical location this year, where she’s been soaking up the sun with family.

Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon shared a slideshow of “Christmas dinner with the fam,” on Dec. 25, in which they drank from chic cocktail glasses, posed by the tree, and lounged around together.


Leave it to Oprah to show everyone up with her inspiring holiday plans. According to her Instagram, she took a five-mile hike with a group before a “big meal celebration” to prepare for the feast. “And doing it with much joy and gratitude for the health and strength to accomplish it,” she wrote in the post.

Kate Hudson

Hudson and fam appear to have decamped to a cute, snowy locale for the holidays, which apparently included horseback riding, lots of Christmas presents, and plenty of cuddles. Honestly, we’re hoping for an invite to the next one.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Ross and her loved ones proved the old adage that “celebrities are just like us” is true... kind of. Her crew may have donned some classic matching Christmas ‘fits (in a very cozy-looking location), but they somehow managed to look about ten times cooler than the rest of us.

Victoria Beckham

Matching outfits were a big theme with celebrities this year, and of course the Beckhams didn’t disappoint. Here, they pose near a fireplace in coordinating satin pajamas (chic) with what looks to be treats for Santa and his reindeer.


Ciara shared a musical moment under the tree on Christmas Eve, where she enjoyed a sweet little jam session with family.

Courteney Cox

On Christmas Day, Cox partook in the classic tradition of baking gingerbread cookies, for which she also shared a tutorial.

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo had a seriously chic Christmas this year, complete with a beautiful dinner table and stylish poses by the tinsel-filled tree.

Martha Stewart

According to a series of posts by Stewart, the entrepreneur spent the holidays in Madagascar where she took in the scenery, observed the local wildlife, and ate incredible meals.

Lily Collins

“Yup, we’re that family now,” Collins captioned an Instagram post depicting herself and her loved ones wearing festive holiday pajamas in the sun. “Merry Christmas from our matching lil fam to yours!”

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