Hailee Steinfeld’s Minimalist Nude Nails Are The Anti-Nail Art

This color was made for her — literally.

Hailee Steinfeld long hair selfie from instagram

It’s easy to forget in a year filled with neon polish and attention-grabbing nail art but few things can compare to the casual sophistication of a nude manicure. No matter what shade of nude best suits you and your skin tone, a flesh-colored manicure can elongate fingers, let jewelry stand out, and make the wearer look incredibly polished — pun extremely intended. No one’s more familiar with the power of a chic neutral mani than Hailee Steinfeld, whose nude nails made a major splash on Instagram over the weekend.

In a new photo, Steinfeld’s nails are tapered to a natural-looking point and polished by go-to celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik (who also works closely with Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, and just about every perfectly manicured star in Hollywood). The polish color looks like a blend of neutral pink and latte tan, which Bachik says he custom mixed just for Steinfeld, resulting in a near-exact match to her skin. The effect is stunning: The seamless color elegantly lengthens Steinfeld’s fingers and its slightly warm tone plays well off of her chunky gold statement rings. Bachik is staying mum about which colors exactly went into this one-of-a-kind combination, but surely there must be some kind of alchemy involved — how else could you explain a match that flawless?

This ultimate nude set stands out on Bachik’s Instagram, which is largely a sea of awe-inducing nail art with rhinestones, swirling marble patterns, gold leaf, tiny cartoon portraits, and delicate French manicures in every color. You might even call Steinfeld’s set the anti-nail art, they’re so simple and monochrome yet equally commanding.

If you’re after your own version of Steinfeld’s pretty nude nails, take a page out of Bachik’s book and don’t be afraid to play color chemist with your own nail polishes. Mixing lipstick colors and foundation shades are de rigueur for exact makeup matches, so apply the same principle to your fingers and toes — just consider doing the blending in a bowl in case you don’t love your first results. With so many sets of polish out there catering to every shade of nude imaginable, your perfect match is absolutely out there.

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