You’ll Never Guess What Color Gigi Hadid Just Dyed Her Hair

This is major.

Gigi Hadid bun hair glitter eyeshadow over shoulder pose

Unlike her beauty chameleon of a younger sister, Gigi Hadid, the eldest in her family, typically likes to play things pretty relaxed when it comes to style and beauty. Sure, her editorial shoots, ad campaigns, and runway appearances are always full of experimental makeup, trendy hair colors, and avant-garde nails, but off-duty, Hadid keeps it true to her Malibu roots with effortless outfits and (save for a dalliance with Aperol Spritz red last year) muted dirty blonde hair. For that reason, new photos of Gigi Hadid’s platinum blonde hair — complete with matching bleached brows — have sent shockwaves through fans and ignited the entire internet. It’s perhaps her boldest, most extreme, and coolest off-duty look yet.

Gigi’s return to full-on blonde has been a long time coming, with fresh, sunny gold highlights starting to appear in her long hair around the first of the year. Since then, the supermodel and mother of one has gotten progressively blonder — a just-released cover shoot with Harper’s Bazaar Brazil shows Hadid sporting waist-length hair streaked with bright blonde highlights that are reminiscent of the beachy color that was once her signature, and her colorist gave TZR a breakdown of the even blonder shade she went for after that. Photos of Hadid at New York’s JFK Airport on March 10, though, show she’s gone even more extreme since the shoot, making little effort to hide her newly-bleached platinum shade.


Notably, both Gigi Hadid and sister Bella both had their brows bleached for Milan Fashion Week’s Versace show just weeks ago, but they’ve both been photographed with their eyebrows back to normal since. When TZR spoke with Hadid’s colorist, Sally Hershberger’s own Keith Shore, he explained that Hadid’s return to blonde was for a Maybelline shoot and said Hadid was excited about the switch-up. “Gigi said she was ready for a change,” he said, “although she loved the rich tones and might want to return to them.” Still, not even the bright blonde for the Maybelline campaign is quite in the same league as her new, undeniably striking platinum.

Hadid’s always had a reputation as a model willing to go above and beyond to get the shot — that’s part of while she’s such a dominant force in the industry — so it’s not a stretch to assume that this bleached look is part of something bigger, be it an all-new ad campaign or an exciting magazine cover. No matter what the buzzy color change is actually for, you know it’s got to be something major.