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TikTok's #FrontRowFashion Challenge Is The Secret Runway Show You Need

Your source of outfit inspo for Fashion Month.

by Danielle Naer
Leonie Hanne wearing Giambattista Valli from home.

It can be extraordinarily difficult to get invited to a runway show, let alone sit in the front row, which is often reserved for celebrities, influencers, and other fashion tastemakers — that is, until now. Brands have pivoted to virtual runway shows, thus democratizing the viewing, and seating, process — anyone can tune in via their laptop or phone from the comfort of their couches. In TikTok's #FrontRowFashion Challenge, industry insiders, megawatt influencers, and those outside of the fashion cohort are tapping into a sartorial style moment by dressing up as if they were going to sit front row at Fashion Month.

The #FrontRowFashion challenge first caught on during Spring/Summer 2021 Couture Week, where this question loomed on the internet: What would everyone wear, had in-person shows returned this season? TikTok creative @andoej had a few ideas. The TikToker made a montage showing the looks she'd wear for each show, and another user, @evelilythrifts, who goes by Eve-Lily on her TikTok bio, quickly took her lead. According to Eve-Lily's video posted on Jan. 15, for Gucci she would wear a peter pan-collared shirt with printed pink trousers, but for Prada, she'd wear a black turtleneck layered under a tiered dress. From there, the trend went viral — drawing in famous Fashion Week faces like influencer Leonie Hanne.

The challenge's popularity can, in part, be chalked up to a pervasive appetite for high-glamour moments amidst a pandemic. Bereft of occasions that would normally draw a star-studded crowd (award shows, galas, and other red carpet events), both celebrities and those at home are longing to spectate on elevated, anything-but-sweatpants outfits. In addition, since no one is physically attending shows — street style has all but disappeared during Fashion Month — the style challenge provides a window into one another's imagined Fashion Week outfits. This also offers a democratized opportunity, where anyone can get dressed in high-fashion looks and "sit front row." Some dogs are even partaking in the challenge, adding yet another element of fun and creativity.

Check out all the bold, imitable looks from the #FrontRowFashion Challenge, below. You'll find plenty of outfit inspiration heading into Fashion Month.

#FrontRowFashion Look On TikTok: @sxdqx

This user placed a spin on Dior's New Look silhouette with a fitted blazer and skirt and nailed Louis Vuitton's emblematic colors: brown, beige, and olive.

#FrontRowFashion Look On TikTok: @leoniehanne

Never one to shy away from a head-to-toe designer look, Hanne took this challenge with gusto. She pulled out her Prada Monolith boots, her Louis Vuitton Puffer, and her Rockstud bag and flats from Valentino.

#FrontRowFashion Look On TikTok: @the.navarose

@the.navarose's matching pink items for Gucci feels especially apropos of the label (the color was central in Gucci's Spring 2021 collection). Her fascinator and puff-sleeved top invoked Chanel's design codes as well.

#FrontRowFashion Look On TikTok: @scarfxce.xo

This user's styled Prada's Cleopatra Kissing Bowling shirt to perfection by matching it with tonally-synced eyewear and trousers. There was also his quintessential Gucci look, which Harry Styles himself would surely wear.

#FrontRowFashion Look On TikTok: @evelilythrifts

Going in a different direction from the frequently iterated European brands, this user put a spin on Anna Sui, Thierry Mugler, Kate Spade and more. Each featured an emblematic brand code — for Mugler, corsetry; for Kate Spade, extraverted prints.

#FrontRowFashion Look On TikTok: @obediencey7

This user's scarf and cardigan moment was perfect for Gucci. For Saint Laurent, he went in the opposite direction with a black leather vest and matching boots.

#FrontRowFashion Look On TikTok: @moxeb

Each look in this video comes with its own relevant beauty moment: braids for Alexander McQueen, tousled waves for Moschino, simple straight hair for Jacquemus, and a translucent facial covering for Margiela. The TikTok creative played into each label's go-to color stories as well.

#FrontRowFashion Look On TikTok: @wisdm8

This TikToker's cobalt blue puffer and platform boots totally nailed Rick Owens, while his fanny pack, zip-up, shirt and tie moment was unmistakably loyal to Prada's smart-chic aesthetic.

#FrontRowFashion Look On TikTok: @honeytheiggy

Last but not least, this Italian greyhound channeled Gucci's vibes with a bright yellow scarf and oversized frames. The pup's take on Saint Laurent, which featured a leather cape dress, was just as striking.