Anne Hathaway Just Became The Latest Celeb To Try This Trending Hairstyle

by Sara Spruch-Feiner
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Vera Anderson/WireImage/Getty Images

They say that three makes a trend — but when it comes to celebrities debuting bangs, the number is now so much higher, dubbing the hairstyle a mega-trend. They're everywhere. That said, not many have been able to introduce their new look with a couture-clad photo shoot à la Anne Hathaway's new side bangs. The star of the new movie Locked Down brought back the red carpet glamour that's been missing for the past year with a series of images all captioned "Fashion, but make it fashion."

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As for the hair, stylist Mara Roszak was behind the look and spoke to Vogue about the details. "The bangs aren’t piece-y, nor are they blunt, but have soft thinned out edges along the bottom with a few shorter layers on either side that allow for some soft pieces [to stay loose] if the hair is pulled up," Roszak explains. Hathaway's side bangs are a sort of sister look to the ubiquitous curtain bangs so many celebs have recently been wearing. Roszak sees side bangs as a sort of cheat around the commitment generally associated with the look: "Side bangs are particularly chic [because] they tend to feel long and blended-in enough to make them easy to style and allow for the face to still feel open and 'seen' since one side of the face stays mostly 'un-banged."

Courtesy of Christian Hogstedt

It's unsurprising that bangs are coming back with such a vengeance —with people stuck at home and desperate for any kind of change, the brave have taken to chopping them themselves, while others have made socially distant salon appointments for the quick snip. Considering the look but not quite ready to take the plunge? Mimic Roszak's blended-in style and opt for side bangs.

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