Influencers Aren't At Fashion Week, But They're Still Dressing Up From The Couch

TK Quann

During a normal fashion month, influencers come together from all over the world, amassing in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. But this year, with the majority of shows being digital, the best seat happens to be the couch. And since that means no street style, influencer's at-home outfits during fashion month will serve as inspiration instead.

"I recently posted on my Instagram that I've been going to NYFW for almost 10 years now, and this is the first year where I'm not," Los Angeles-based influencer Chriselle Lim tells TZR. This year is different for Lim as she'll be watching from home, most likely in her sweats. "I'm actually looking forward to it!" On the other hand, seeing the pieces through a computer screen poses challenges. "The fact that I won’t be seeing the clothes in real [life] and talking in person with designers and their teams about their collection will be a bit weird," Los Angeles-based influencer Jen Azoulay notes. "It won’t be the same experience, I will miss the energy of the fashion shows! However I am excited to see how the brands will connect and find new ways to inspire online."

Aside from the reconfigurations necessary due to Covid, designers are also addressing the issues about racial inequality raised by peaceful protests this year. "A national racial reckoning hit this country as unexpectedly as COVID-19 for some people," New York-based influencer TK Quann tells TZR. "Some are just beginning to digest that systemic racism is part of the fabric of America and the fashion industry does not escape its grasp." She says, "fashion is art and like art it has a voice. Fashion makes statements." Adding, "what statement is more necessary in the fashion industry than equality, diversity, and inclusivity." For those tuning into fashion shows from home, brands' ability to connect with the audience and showcase their ethos in engaging ways is just as important as the clothes.

If you're curious to learn more about how influencers are participating this season, keep scrolling to hear how they're taking it all in (and what they're wearing).

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Influencer At Home: Leonie Hanne

Leonie Hanne

"At the moment I’m in Hamburg where there are still restrictions in place, but we aren’t on lockdown, so I’m dressing more ‘normally’ again," Leonie Hanne, an influencer who splits her time between Hamburg and London, tells TZR. After months of being on lockdown in London, Hanne is more excited than ever for Autumn and styling new ensembles. "I’ve been living in casual outfits at home, but now I’m loving wearing new season pieces from brands like Dion Lee and Jacquemus, paired with my colourful new Bottega chain bag and chunky gold jewellery to add that finishing touch."

Influencer At Home: Linda Tol

Linda Tol

As Amsterdam-based influencer Linda Tol is 37 weeks pregnant, dressing for fashion week this season was going to be different, regardless of where the shows are held. Her go-to look for staying chic and cozy during her pregnancy is a skirt and knitted sweater, or jogging trousers with an oversized button down shirt. Though she prefers being home during this time (her due date is in three and a half weeks!), she explains, "I think I will miss the vibe, energy, and the atmosphere around fashion month and the shows." Tol says fashion month is the hardest month of the year, but also the most excited and inspiring. "But I'm very excited and ready for a new season," she says.

Influencer At Home: Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim

"I'm having fun incorporating elements of fashion month on my social media, even if it's from home," Lim says. Even though she's not traveling this season, the influencer still wants to support and show love to her favorite designers in New York, Milan, and Paris. For NYFW, she's looking forward to Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Tory Burch, while in Paris, she's most excited to see Chanel. Above, Lim is lounging around in her dining room wearing a slip dress from In The Mood For Love and fuzzy slide-on sandals from AMANU.

Influencer At Home: Amy Julliette Lefévre

Amy Julliette Lefévre

For fashion week this season, Amy Julliette Lefévre, a model and influencer based in New York, is opting to continue to dress up, despite watching the shows from home. "Since I will be at home, I will be looking for comfortable, yet chic looks." You can find her in the knit midi dress from Dion Lee — a NYC brand that's still settling on its fashion week plan — shown above.

Influencer At Home: Jenny Walton

Jenny Walton

Jenny Walton, an illustrator and designer, is excited to play around with her new pieces from Re-SEE Vintage, a Paris-based re-commerce site, this month. Above, the New York-based creative is wearing a dress from the online vintage shop and her own daisy earrings (available on her site). Comfort is also crucial for Walton, so she's also planning on wearing knits while she tunes in. "My friend Carolyn and I collaborated on a matching knit bra and cardigan set under her Ply-Knits brand [available soon] so I’ll be wearing a lot of that too," Walton tells TZR.

Influencer At Home: Jessica Wang

Jessica Wang

Something comfortable, yet chic is what New York influencer Jessica Wang is looking for in an outfit to wear at home over the next few weeks. "I love playing dress up, particularly around fashion month," she says. "I miss the atmosphere of being there in person! It will be a unique experience to witness the collections digitally." But even with everything happening online, Wang will still be posting her looks from home. This season, the influencer was eager to tune into Jason Wu's collection during NYFW. A perk for the influencer? She has a plus-one for her little one.

Influencer At Home: Kellie Brown

Kellie Brown

Kellie Brown will be at home in Los Angeles this month wearing tees, '70s inspired pants, and staying away from any fussy pieces. This is Brown's first year not traveling to New York for fashion week, but making the most of the week at home. "I’ll binge all of the recaps online and [will] be looking forward to the broader picture of how brands were able to navigate these challenging times!"

Influencer At Home: Xenia Adonts

Xenia Adonts

Paris-based influencer Xenia Adonts never plans her outfits ahead of time, she waits to see what her mood is for the day. But for this fashion week, Adonts intends on wearing something from her brand Attire's new collection, which is launching during Milan Fashion Week. One of the biggest differences for the influencer this season is that she'll be able to focus on the shows and designers that are most important to her. "Usually when I am traveling for fashion weeks I attend so many shows and events because I am in town anyway," Adonts tells TZR. "Now I can focus on myself and devote my time to my top favorite brands, but also focus on myself and my own brand."

Influencer At Home: Janelle Marie Lloyd

Janelle Marie Lloyd

"I'll be wearing lots of long flowy dresses that feel chic, yet comfy and dressing them up with hoops or statement earrings for any Zoom events," New York-based influencer Janelle Marie Lloyd tells TZR. Follow suit and pull out a flowy dress to scroll through collections online in bed.

Influencer At Home: Cassandra DiMicco

Cassandra DiMicco

When striving to look put together and elevated, while also remaining cozy, Cassandra DiMicco reaches for matching knit sets. "When I need to throw on something a bit more professional for a Zoom meeting or speaking on a panel, I love a reworked blazer," DiMicco notes. While she's in her matching set at home, the New York-based influencer will be following along to shows including Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant, Mugler, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Chanel.

Influencer At Home: Babba C Rivera

Babba C Rivera

"Since my days consist of a lot of video meetings, I plan to wear outfits with a mix of business and fashion with fun shoes," Babba C Rivera tells TZR. "[I'm] currently obsessing over Sania D’mina's latest shoe drops, styled with minimalistic slip dresses paired with structured blazers to give it a more professional touch." Rivera loves how brands are learning how to reinvent themselves during this challenging time. For instance, she enjoyed Stine Goya’s creative video that was done in place of its typical show this season during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Influencer At Home: Cipriana Quann

Cipriana Quann

"I plan on wearing an elevated style of lounge wear," Cipriana Quann explains. "I may not physically be attending shows, but I have always loved to play dress up ... though I do love the aspect of wearing slippers throughout fashion month." Quann has always looked to fashion not to appease others, but herself. That said, she's going to put in a bit of effort to lounge around in her space as she follows along with shows.

Influencer At Home: Mary Lawness Lee

Mary Lawless Lee

Nashville-based influencer Mary Lawness Lee will be traveling to the UK with family for an extended trip to the English Countryside. While she's spending time with loved ones, Lawness Lee is bringing along lots of oversized knits and outerwear. The influencer says she's going miss seeing what the designers (many of which she calls friends) have been putting time and their heart into for years. "It’s a crazy feeling to not be in New York or Paris seeing colleagues and collaborating," she says. "But I think that the disruption of business as usual has actually sparked creativity, I know it has for me and my work. And I’m excited to see how fashion month and the industry as a whole evolves."

Influencer At Home: TyLynn Nyugen

TyLynn Nyugen

TyLynn Nyugen, an influencer based in Los Angeles, will be wearing slip dresses and flats while tuning into shows. "It is different because I am still doing my normal day to day but have the shows on in the background," she says. And one plus that the influencer is taking out of a virtual fashion month is that she can rewind shows if need be. Past shows she's loved are Chanel and Gabriella Hearst, but this year the one she's most looking forward to is Hermès for its simplicity and elegance.

Influencer At Home: Natalie Lim Suarez

Natalie Lim Suarez

Though she'll be in her New York City apartment, influencer Natalie Lim Suarez is still getting ready for shows as she would if she was attending IRL "It's because I'm still 'on' virtually, speaking to my audience live through IG Stories and sharing my work and experiences online," Suarez tells TZR. "I'll be featuring new collections, photographing looks that are currently shoppable, and documenting the virtual runway experience from home." Getting dressed daily helps to keep the influencer motivated and inspired. She admits that she's not the type to wear sweats everyday working in her space. "Even just putting on a red lip and pretty jewelry gets me inspired to conquer a day at home."

Influencer At Home: TK Quann

TK Quann

"I adore knitwear and crochet pieces, and attending digital fashion shows in an [air conditioned] abode while wear something comfortable is what I’m all about this season," Quann notes. To spice things up, she's considering throwing on heels for the first time in five months. "I work in the fashion industry with my twin sister, Cipriana Quann, and we have always been very outspoken regarding the lack of diversity and inclusivity within the fashion industry and how neither should be treated like a trend or some quota that needs to be met," she says. "The shows I always look forward to are the ones that incorporate that through their own brands with action and representation." She's started the week in New York tuning into (and dressing up for) Anna Sui.

Influencer At Home: Jen Azoulay

Jen Azoulay

"As all the shows and presentations will be online this time, I am planning on wearing my comfortable jeans and a statement blazer, like this Vintage Gucci blazer adorned from my brand Jen Wonders," Jen Azoulay's says. For NYFW, Azoulay is eager to see Collina Strada and Khaite's latest collections. And of course, she's excited for the bigger shows like Gucci, Chanel, Paco Rabanne, and Givenchy.

Influencer At Home: Christina Caradona

Christina Caradona

"My theme for this fashion month is to be experimental. I'm usually a very chic fall dresser but I wanna listen to my inner child," New York-based influencer Christina Caradona tells TZR. As a kid the influencer would sport a lot of cowboy boots out-and-about, so she feels like her at-home ensembles for September will revolve around white or gold iterations of the shoe. "The walk to the bodega will be my catwalk!"

Influencer At Home: Erika Boldrin

Erika Boldrin

Though Erika Boldrin, an influencer in Milan, was hoping to wear her favorite Khaite dress (above) to shows this season, she'll still be getting good use out of it at home. What will change this season for Boldrin? "Everything will be different for some brands, those who choose to stream their show obviously know that it won't be like when you see a live show, the fabrics up close, the music, the magic moment is different."

Influencer At Home: Dignity Rivero

Dignity Rivero

Last month, actress Dignity Rivero moved to Tamerlaine Sanctuary, an animal sanctuary in upstate New York. For her journey she only brought a few things along with her, including a red slip dress, as she wasn't sure how long her stay would end up being. During past seasons, Rivero was often traveling for fashion week, "changing outfits from show to show in a car, doing makeup and hair three [times] a day, after parties, sleeping five hours per day ... overwhelming." Now, fashion week looks different. "I'm entirely in nature, walk a lot, and spend my time connecting with animals and real things." While she still plans to keep an eye on favorite brands like Moncler and Paco Rabanne, her backdrop of choice couldn't be further from usual.