Dua Lipa's Birthday Jewelry From Mayol Hit All The Maximalist Notes

All her pieces are under $130.

Dua Lipa wears a black blazer, skirt, and knee-high boots.

Dua Lipa turned 26 on Aug. 22 and her high-spirited celebrations were well-documented on her Instagram account. Her party outfits, in particular, were a maximalist’s dream come true. Notable style moments included a technicolor fur hat, neon cow print ensembles, and a navy suit dotted with gemstones. Although the brands she wore in her ensembles varied — some were up-and-coming designers while others were luxury fashion houses — most of Lipa’s birthday jewelry were from Mayol, which she wore nonstop.

The Greek accessory brand offers a selection of handmade pieces that embody the longstanding jewelry trend of childlike joy and is also a favorite for accessory queen Gigi Hadid (the supermodel loves Mayol’s smiley face pearl earrings). And judging by Lipa’s four (!!) jewelry pieces from the European brand, Mayol is quickly becoming one of her go-to’s, too.

Lipa first documented her love for Mayol in an outfit pic posted on Aug. 22. The pop star wore a black lacy bra, a crystal-embellished two-piece suit by Martine Rose, and a multicolored faux fur topper (in lieu of a paper cone birthday hat). She chose three of Mayol’s pieces for jewelry: the kitschy Army of Lovers necklace, the Azzurro charm bracelet, and the butterfly pendant Jenna necklace. (The fluttery motif is a go-to for the singer and frequently makes an appearance throughout her style file.) Marianna Derizioti, Mayol’s founder, offered some insights into Lipa’s butterfly piece. “Actually, the Jenna Necklace, which Lipa wore on her birthday, is inspired by the character Jennifer Garner played in the 2004 movie, 13 Going On 30!” says Derizioti to TZR.

Over the course of three days, Lipa rotated between her three Mayol pieces and even added a new jewelry option into the mix: the brand’s Heart of Glass earring. The heart-shaped, glass pendants that dangled from her earring’s gold hoops were a light green shade, which you can safely assume was a nod to the August birthstone: peridot. Her other birthday outfits, which were absolutely worth highlighting, included an electric, two-piece suit in a neon green cow print and a babydoll tee and slip dress outfit combo.


Derizioti believes the retro feel of Mayol’s pieces helped to catch Lipa’s eye when deciding what to wear on her birthday. “I was lucky enough to create a collection that captured and combined both my childhood years in the ‘90s and my teenage years through the ‘00s. Butterflies, smileys, peace signs, multicolored glass beads — you name it,” Derizioti shares. “I guess we were in the right place at the right time because the jewelry trends are now so fun, colorful, campy, carefree — and it matches Lipa’s personal style!”

Below, you’ll find a selection of pieces from the playful brand — including Lipa’s favorites — to shop. And there’s even more good news: all the pieces are under $130. Recreate Lipa’s heavily accessorized looks by sporting more than one necklace at a time. If you care to dabble in the singer’s more is best aesthetic, throw on additional earrings and bracelets.

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