Bella Hadid’s Spa-Like Skin Care Routine Is As Luxe As You’d Imagine

Her beauty influencer era is here.

Bella Hadid skin care routine

According to Bella Hadid’s TikTok bio, her followers are getting “the *real her*”, and for that, they are blessed. The 25-year-old model has taken to sharing snippets of her life on the app, including goofing around with friends, moments on set, and more recently, her beauty rituals. In a new TikTok, Hadid shared a “day in the life” style video, which featured her post-flight, pre-photoshoot skin care routine — including the viral Dior Lip Oil. “Is this how u do it?” she captioned the clip. “Ask& you shall receive!♥️Usually I take a red eye&go str8 to work. 2Day I landed@ 630 am & had 2 hrs B4 my call time.”

The video starts off with the model opening the curtains of her hotel room to reveal what appears to be the streets of Paris. She then has a quick fitting before hopping in the shower and applying some body lotion. Hadid then launches into her skin care routine, which seems to be all about depuffing and hydrating (considering she just got off of a long flight early in the morning, this makes total sense).

First, the model pulls what looks like the stainless steel ReFa face roller out of a bucket of ice water, where it was presumably placed to boost the cooling effect. She adds a serum to her face and then begins rolling the tool over her face and neck, then applies another serum when she’s done.

Next, Hadid slathers on an eye cream both under her eyes and on her lids, then applies a moisturizer. Since she’s on her way to a job, she doesn’t go into a full makeup routine, but she does apply a clear brow gel as well as the Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil in a bright berry shade. The nourishing gloss has garnered a cult following on TikTok — in fact, the hashtag #diorlipglow has over 70 million views on the app. As a longtime ambassador for Dior, it’s not exactly surprising to see that Hadid keeps this cult-favorite staple in her beauty bag. After her skin care, viewers also see the model slipping on a Dior coat paired with a cute and cozy brown outfit before heading out for the day.

While Hadid’s latest video is undoubtedly more aspirational than relatable, that certainly won’t stop fans from getting some self-care inspo from the icon herself.

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