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The $9 Face Ice Roller Ball From Amazon I Swear By For De-Puffing

No buyer’s remorse here.

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Last weekend, I had cocktails at my friend’s birthday party, followed by an unusually late-night dinner of spicy Sichuan food. Despite me chugging two glasses of water before I went to bed, inevitably, when I woke up in the morning my face was round and puffy. Usually, I’d let this fade away on its own (and avoid seeing anyone that day), but now I had a tiny magical item in my fridge to assist with my skin’s recovery. I took out my mini face ice roller ball from Amazon and started to massage my cheeks and temple with it. Immediately, I felt more awake from the roller’s icy touch and my face looked less bloated.

This pocket-size roller ball (it weighs 5.29 ounces and is 1.26 inches in diameter) has been my skin’s saving grace. It’s also the one beauty tool that I consistently incorporate into my skincare routine — for several reasons. First, it’s easy to use and requires no instruction manual. I simply take the roller ball out of my fridge and glide it across my face and neck for five to 10 minutes while being extra gentle around my eyes, as the skin there is delicate. Second, the roller ball is only $8.90, making it a budget-friendly facial tool compared to some other ones on the market. I had stumbled upon the roller ball on Amazon after I watched Irina Shayk use a similar tool in a video.

In the video above, which was shot for British Vogue, Shayk walked fans through her morning routine where she used Nicole Caroline’s Facial Ice Sphere as a way to wake up her skin. I wasn’t quite ready to invest in Shayk’s exact product just yet — I have a history of buying and abandoning beauty tools, like my jade roller, with little remorse — but I was intrigued by the thought of having a cold beauty tool on standby to de-puff my skin. I started browsing Amazon out of curiosity for similar items and stumbled upon the little massage ball with its stainless steel core. Needless to say, the price, the travel-friendly size, and the positive customer reviews convinced me to order it. I’ve been using the roller as needed for a few months now.


Facial ice massage tools are a buzzy topic in the beauty industry right now — ice globes is a popular design — and I’m finally happy to have found one I like. This Amazon item does have some setbacks, however, as it doesn’t completely shape your jawline or target fine lines. The tool is also a bit heavier when compared to the weight of a jade roller, for example, and it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing item to leave on your bathroom vanity. However, the roller covers the basics (i.e. de-puffs your face and loosens up tense neck muscles) and it’s a fuss-free, wake-me-up tool anyone can use. Shop my exact mini ice roller below, plus similar facial tools on the market that will take it a step beyond what the Amazon one can offer.

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