Bella Hadid Swears By This LED Mask For Post-Travel Skin Care

Her facialist says everyone should be using it.

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It seems like there is no shortage of ways that skin can get stressed out. Finding the right skin care routine and sticking to it is never enough to satisfy it; stress, travel, and even weather changes can wreak havoc on otherwise perfectly content skin, which is incredibly frustrating, to say the least. When chaos strikes, it's always helpful to have a trusty treatment ready to go — which, for Bella Hadid, is a nearly $400 LED light therapy mask.

Hadid is partial to the Omnilux Contour mask, which her facialist, Kristyn Smith, uses on her during every treatment. According to a press release, “with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits, Bella uses the at-home mask between facials with Kristyn and on-the-go to combat the negative effects of travel.”

The device is FDA-cleared, dermatologist-recommend, and said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, the appearance of pigmentation and redness, and promote healthier, younger-looking skin. There’s also no pain or downtime, making it a great option for on-the-go or just a quick skin care treatment at home. The brand’s website recommends using it three to five times a week for 10 minutes each time. Follow this treatment for four to six weeks, then use as maintenance when desired.

Light therapy treatments, particularly those using red light, have become increasingly popular in recent years. What about red light is so beneficial for the skin?

“Red light is restoring your skin to its original childlike state,” Smith said in a recent interview with CR Fashion Book. “It energizes your cells. And when your cells are energized, they go to work, and that's what our cells are supposed to be doing. As we age, every cell in our body slows down, and so it's like we are reversing the clock a little bit. Red light therapy is great for anti-aging but it's also super great for like inflammation. I primarily use red light for wound healing, scarring, or inflammation. I feel like everybody should be using it.”

Smith acknowledges that, of course, the main reason for Hadid’s glowing complexion is genetics. An LED mask, or any treatment for that matter, can only do so much. Even still, Smith remains a big believer in LED therapy and its skin-improving benefits.

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