Ciara’s Date Night Makeup Is Both Super Bold & So Effortless

It’s a minimalist’s dream look.

Ciara date night makeup

Forget flipping on a Netflix rom-com — if you want to see an actual squeal-worthy romance unfold in real time, just take a scroll through Ciara’s Instagram feed. Together with handsome husband Russell Wilson, the pair share their family trips, sweet inside jokes, advice for other couples, and inside glimpses into their romantic date nights. This past Saturday night was no exception, as Ciara showed off a picture set of the couple all dressed up and about to head out on a pre-Father’s Day date. The pair’s outfits were coordinated without being matchy-matchy, but it’s Ciara’s date night makeup that really strikes a chord. Keeping the rest of her look extremely minimal (or non-existent), the Beauty Marks singer wore a striking slash of ruby red lipstick. The effect is enchanting and immediately draws all eyes to her lips, the ideal situation for any date night.

In the photo set, which treated fans to outfit shots as well as up-close selfies, we see the Wilsons assuming a sweet, comfortable pose outside their Bellevue, Washington estate. Ciara’s dressed in a monochrome color palette including curve-hugging leather pants, black-feathered slippers, a velvet camisole, and a sleek leather jacket. The dark ensemble just put even more emphasis on her lipstick, as does her hairstyle and the rest of her makeup. Ciara’s hair, seemingly back to its natural color after a dalliance with the coziest shade of auburn, is pulled back into a sleek bun that accentuates her mile-high cheekbones.


The only other makeup Ciara looks like she could even be possibly wearing is a bit of brow gel to keep her arches in place — otherwise, she’s free of face and eye makeup altogether. Though she didn’t specify what shade of red she’s wearing on her lips, it appears to be a cool-toned ruby red with a satin finish. Aside from saving a significant amount of time, this look is all about the cool factor, the true effortlessness of just swiping on something as commanding as red lipstick and skating out the door. It’s a beauty look often associated with French girl chic, but Ciara’s rocker ensemble and entirely unaffected pose make the aesthetic entirely her own.

If you plan on copying this bold look for your next night out (me! me!), the most important step is hunting down your own perfect shade of red. Just like with red hair dye, finding the most flattering lipstick all comes down to undertones: are you more comfortable with a warm, orange-red or do you suit a blue-toned ruby like Ciara? For an easy hack without too much analysis, just decide based on if you prefer gold (warm) or silver (cool) jewelry and let that be your guide. The other part of Ciara’s makeup look, the no-makeup part, is probably the most daunting. Regardless of your skin’s state, it’s undeniably cool to just show it off particularly paired with a vibrant lip. But it’s also understandable that many people aren’t necessarily comfortable going fully bare-faced — but there are plenty of sneaky, complexion-perfecting hacks to fake it. A blurring sunscreen covers your necessary daily SPF and helps keep pores and spots slightly distorted. You can also select a concealer that matches your neck, pat it on any marks or blemishes, and then blend with your finger around but not actually on the spot in question. It’ll seamlessly camouflage into the rest of your skin for a Ciara-approved look.

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