Chrissy Teigen Fans Rejoice: She's Launching Her Own Line Of Robes

Expect a lot of color.

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Chrissy Teigen posts a photo of herself in a robe to Instagram on Jan. 14, 2020.
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Everyone has that one fashion comfort piece they gravitate towards at home, whether that be an alma mater pullover, cashmere socks, or cozy joggers. For Chrissy Teigen, her key item is a robe. Be it bright florals, a feather-trimmed number, or a geometric-printed silky piece — Teigen has worn them all and continually shares photos of herself in robes on Instagram. Her fascination with the cozy piece can only lead to one outcome: Teigen is launching her own line of robes.

She announced the news on her Instagram account, writing, "Ok before everyone gets mad, I am in NO way a designer! I am so painfully aware of this! I can't draw, my sewing is on par with a life of my mom working at FabricLand, a child who dabbled in making pillows and puppets. But I am finding a lot of joy bringing *intense* color into my life and maybe yours! Robes are so fun - they don’t have many rules when it comes to patterns...I appreciate their inability to be caged like myself! Anyhow now that book 3 is done, I’m taking a dive into this world. Please don’t tell me I’ll never be so and so, I know and I don’t want to be!"

Though she makes a pointed mention (to the social media trolls) that she's not a "designer," fans know Teigen's well-documented robe obsession makes her at least a novice creator in this area. Her personal robe collection includes a tie-dye cotton piece from Etsy, a Gucci purple robe with red-furry trimmed sleeves, and PatBo wraps with tropical motif designs. In addition, Teigen currently offers robes on her Cravings website, which makes this announcement all the appropriate.


So far, there's no release date on Teigen's new designs — she did share photos of options in the making — and it's not clear whether or not they will be sold on the Cravings website. However, fans can expect her future robe designs to be vibrant in color and print, as evidenced by the neon green label and pink textured floral design from above. As you await news of Teigen's official robe launch, shop some of the brands she already owns, below. They'll fit nicely into your WFH wardrobe.

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